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Among Us Achievements: Get Familiar With All 3 Categories

Among Us, the popular online multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth has taken the gaming world by storm. With its unique blend of teamwork, deception and strategy, players find themselves constantly on the edge of their seats as they navigate through the interstellar settings. One aspect of the game that keeps players coming back for more are the various Among Us achievements. These challenges not only add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay but also serve as a badge of honor for dedicated players.

Achievement Categories in Among Us

In Among Us, achievements are divided into three main categories:

  1. General Among Us Achievements: These achievements can be accomplished through normal gameplay and often involve completing various tasks or reaching certain milestones.
  2. Impostor Among Us Achievements: Reserved for those cunning enough to deceive their crewmates, these achievements test your abilities as an impostor.
  3. Crewmate Among Us Achievements: For the loyal and vigilant crewmates, these achievements reward you for thwarting the impostors’ plans and keeping your spaceship safe.
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A Guide to Unlocking General Achievements

These are some of the general achievements that can be earned by both crewmates and impostors alike:

  • Get Started: Join your very first Among Us match to unlock this achievement.
  • Total Victory: Win a total of 10 games, either as a crewmate or impostor.
  • Defeat is Not an Option: Reach the impressive milestone of 100 total victories.
  • Task Master: Complete a total of 100 tasks across all games.

Discovering Secret Achievements

Beyond the standard challenges, there are also hidden achievements that can be unlocked through specific actions or events within the game. These secret achievements often require players to think outside the box and experiment with different strategies.

  • Sneaky Saboteur: As an impostor, successfully sabotage the oxygen supply without being caught.
  • Ghost Whisperer: While playing as a ghost, complete all of your tasks and help your team win the match.
  • Astronaut Imposter: Win a game on each map, showcasing your versatility in various environments.

Mastering Impostor Achievements

As the ultimate deceiver among the crew, impostors have their own set of achievements to unlock:

  • The Art of Deception: Win your first game as an impostor.
  • Fool’s Gold: Trick other players into believing you’re innocent by making them follow false leads.
  • Close Call: Survive an emergency meeting with only one vote separating you from being ejected.
  • Ninja Assassin: Eliminate a crewmate immediately after they discover a dead body, without anyone witnessing the act.
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Honing Your Skills as an Impostor

Unlocking these achievements requires strategy and cunning. To improve your chances of success, consider the following tips:

  1. Always have an alibi: If your activities can be accounted for by other crewmates, they will be less likely to suspect you.
  2. Blend in with the crowd: Mimic the actions of your fellow crewmates and participate in discussions during emergency meetings.
  3. Choose your targets wisely: It’s best to eliminate players who are more likely to reveal your true identity or those who have crucial tasks remaining.

Tackling Crewmate Achievements

The loyal crewmates also have their own challenges to overcome in Among Us:

  • First Line of Defense: Successfully eject an impostor from the spaceship on your first vote.
  • I Got My Eye on You: Catch an impostor in the act of sabotaging and report them immediately.
  • A Team Player: Complete all your tasks in a single match, contributing significantly to the crew’s success.
  • Narrow Escape: Avoid being killed by the impostor within seconds of them attempting to eliminate you.

Becoming an Efficient Crewmate

To unlock crewmate achievements, keep these strategies in mind:

  1. Communicate with team members: Share information about suspicious activities and collaborate on finding the impostors.
  2. Stay aware of your surroundings: Keeping an eye out for unusual behavior can help you catch impostors before it’s too late.
  3. Prioritize high-impact tasks: Focus on completing tasks that have a significant impact on the overall progress of the crew.

Final Words

In conclusion, the various Among Us achievements offer players additional goals to strive for and enhance the overall gaming experience. Whether you’re a cunning impostor or a diligent crewmate, mastering these achievements is a testament to your skill and dedication in the thrilling world of Among Us.