Best Roblox Characters

Best Roblox Characters in 2022 [Funny, Cool & Ugly]

In 2022, the best Roblox characters are sure to make your jaw drop. Some are cool, some are funny and others are downright ugly – but they’re all worth checking out! Whether you’re a gamer or just looking for some LOLs, these Roblox characters will keep you entertained for hours on end.

While the game has seen many changes over the years, there are some iconic characters that remain beloved by all gamers. So without further ado, check out the best of the best in 2022!

What are Roblox Characters?

Roblox characters are the avatars that players use to represent themselves in the game. Players can choose from a wide variety of different character models, each with its own unique look.

There are a number of customization options available, allowing players to further personalize their characters. With the appearance, player characters also have a set of statistics that determine their strengths and weaknesses. These stats can be increased by leveling up, which is done by completing quests and participating in battles. 

The goal is to create a unique character that reflects the player’s individual style and preferences. With so many possibilities, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating Roblox characters!

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Best Roblox Characters

From cool and collected to silly and outrageous, Roblox characters come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the best ones for 2022:

Gang O’ Fries

This character is a gangsta with a love for french fries! Gang O’ Fries is one of the most hilarious Roblox characters. His funny but tough attitude will make you laugh every time.

This iconic avatar is made up of a stack of French fries, complete with eyes, a mouth, and even arms and legs. It’s simple, but it’s also incredibly addictive. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. And once you’ve played as Gang O’ Fries, you’ll never want to play as anything else. 

Mr. Toilet

Mr. Toilet is one of the most unique Roblox characters. He’s a toilet with arms and legs, complete with a bowler hat and mustache. This character may be silly, but it’s also surprisingly endearing. It definitely makes for an interesting conversation starter when playing in the virtual world!

He’s known for his love of toilets and his toilet-themed accessories. He always carries a plunger and a toilet brush, and he loves to flush things down the toilet. He’s also known for his catchphrase, “Don’t be a poophead!”

He loves to play pranks on other characters, like flushing their shoes down the toilet or covering them in toilet paper. But despite his mischievous side, Mr. Toilet is a lovable character who always brings a smile to players’ faces.

Roblox Zombie

The Roblox Zombie is a classic character that’s been around since the game started. This undead character is always ready for some ghostly fun. He loves to scare fellow players and make them laugh with his spooky pranks.

He wears a tattered robe and carries a scythe, making him one of the creepiest Roblox characters. His spooky face is sure to make any room a bit more sinister! He’s also known for his uncanny laugh, which can be heard echoing throughout the game.

Rusty & Copper

Rusty & Copper are two robots that have become fan favorites in Roblox. They’re both cute and lovable, with a unique style all of their own. Rusty is the larger robot, while Copper is the smaller one – but they work together as a team to solve puzzles and fight bad guys! These two make for a great addition to any Roblox adventure.

With their loyal friendship and quirky personalities, Rusty & Copper are sure to become fan favorites in 2022. Players will love creating stories with these two robots as they explore the world of Roblox together!

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Roblox characters are a huge part of the game and make it much more fun. Best Roblox characters in 2022 include Gang O’ Fries, Mr. Toilet, the Roblox Zombie, and Rusty & Copper – but there are so many other great avatars to choose from!

Whatever character you decide to play as make sure it reflects your individual style and preferences. Whether they make us laugh, keep us cool or scare the pants off of us, these avatars never fail to entertain.