How to Befriend Undyne in Undertale: A Step-by-Step Guide

Spearfishing anyone? If Undyne’s fiery personality and fish puns have captured your heart, you’re not alone.

Befriending this passionate warrior involves a pacifist run, sparing every monster, and showing kindness even during her challenging “date.”

But don’t worry, this guide will arm you with the knowledge to melt her tough exterior and earn a true friend in Undyne.

Prerequisites for Befriending Undyne

To befriend the fierce warrior Undyne in Undertale, you’ll need to meet a few key prerequisites before she’ll even consider letting her guard down.

First, head to the Snowdin shop and purchase either the Stick or Bandage item. These will come in handy later when you encounter Undyne in Waterfall.

Next, make your way through the Waterfall area until you reach Undyne’s house. Approach it and interact with her repeatedly until she invites you inside.

Once there, she’ll prompt you to deliver the Stick or Bandage, which will demonstrate your kindness and willingness to help. This is essential for softening her tough exterior and opening the door to friendship.

With these prerequisites met, you’re ready to tackle the next steps in befriending Undyne.

Backtracking to Undyne’s House

With the prerequisites met, head back to Waterfall and locate Undyne’s house near the bridge where you first battled Papyrus. You’ll find it easily by following the signs.

Once inside, take a moment to examine your surroundings. The refrigerator and signs provide intriguing insights into Undyne’s character and lifestyle.

As you interact with Undyne’s house, you’ll trigger a key cutscene where she extends an invitation to dinner. This is a pivotal turning point in your journey to befriend her.

The Hangout with Undyne

Once you’re inside Undyne’s house, get ready for an exciting and potentially chaotic hangout session that’ll test your cooking skills and quick reflexes.

Undyne will invite you to train with her to join the Royal Guard. This involves participating in a cooking lesson together, where your actions determine the outcome. You’ll need to follow her instructions carefully and react swiftly to the fast-paced challenges.

The choices you make during the hangout will affect your friendship with Undyne, leading to unique interactions and events. Successfully completing the cooking lesson and making the right decisions will fortify your bond with her.

This grants further opportunities to interact with Undyne later in the game, allowing you to develop a closer friendship with this passionate character.

Cooking Lesson with Undyne

Prepare to harness your culinary prowess as Undyne enthusiastically invites you to join her for an unforgettable cooking lesson in her kitchen. You’ll be learning how to make her signature dish – spicy noodles.

As the lesson progresses, Undyne’s excitement and passion for cooking become increasingly evident. It’s essential that you pay close attention and carefully follow her instructions, as even the slightest misstep could lead to a disastrous outcome.

Successfully completing the cooking lesson won’t only improve your culinary skills but also strengthen your friendship with Undyne. This experience provides valuable insight into her energetic and passionate personality.

Becoming Best Friends

Your friendship with Undyne blossoms into an unbreakable bond after successfully completing the cooking lesson together. By following her instructions precisely and putting your heart into the dish, you’ve proven your dedication and earned her respect.

Undyne recognizes your sincerity and enthusiasm, appreciating your willingness to learn from her. Consequently, she opens up to you, sharing her passions and dreams. Your shared experience in the kitchen has forged a deep connection between you two, marking the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

From this point on, Undyne will stand by your side as a loyal and supportive companion, ready to face any challenge together. You’ve not only gained a best friend but also a powerful ally in your journey through the Underground.