What To Sell in Starfield? – The Ultimate Guide

While the allure of cosmic exploration beckons, the path to interstellar prosperity lies in your shrewd trading acumen.

From the bustling metropolises of New Smyrna to the remote outposts dotting the fringes, you’ll discover a multitude of lucrative opportunities to turn a tidy profit.

Traversing this intricate web of commerce requires not only a keen eye for valuable commodities but also a deft hand in negotiations.

Fortunately, the galaxy’s wealth awaits those willing to undertake this mercantile odyssey, leaving the promise of riches tantalizingly within reach.

Essential Selling Skills

The commerce skill is the crux of your selling endeavors in Starfield. You’ll want to invest heavily in this skill as it allows you to both buy items at cheaper prices and sell them for higher returns.

Each level in commerce grants a percentage discount when buying and a percentage increase when selling. As you acquire more valuable and expensive items, the commerce skill becomes increasingly lucrative.

Alongside commerce, the negotiation and persuasion skills can aid in haggling for better deals from vendors.

If you’re pursuing a thief build, the theft skill proves useful for acquiring valuable goods through less-than-legal means, which you can then sell for a tidy profit.

Maximizing these essential skills is key to amassing wealth through trading in the expansive expanse of Starfield.

Valuable Items Identified

While traversing the expansive domains of Starfield’s universe, you’ll encounter an abundance of valuable items ripe for selling.

Weapons and armor from fallen enemies or abandoned outposts can fetch a tidy sum.

Rare scientific and cultural artifacts like microscopes, globes, and books are highly sought after by collectors.

Boarding and capturing enemy ships, while risky, can net you tens of thousands of Credits if successfully sold.

Contraband goods found in illicit dealings or shady operations are the true prize, but proceed with caution to avoid legal ramifications.

With the right skills and a keen eye, you can amass a small fortune by strategically offloading these valuable commodities to the highest bidders scattered across the cosmos.

Best Vendors Listed

With such an abundance of lucrative items at your disposal, you’ll want to seek out the galaxy’s shrewdest vendors.

Head to The Depot, the commercial hub within the Crimson Fleet’s territory, where Zuri Abara holds a massive 25,000 Credits for purchasing your goods – including contraband.

For rare books fetching over 1,000 Credits each, Akila City Sinclairs Books can’t be beaten.

And if you’ve thoroughly surveyed planets, Vladimir Sall pays top dollar for those valuable Survey Slates.

Don’t overlook the ship vendors at major cities’ landing sites either; they’ll gladly take spacecraft off your hands for hefty sums.

Credits-Rich Vendors Highlighted

Certain vendors possess substantial credits, enabling you to sell high-value goods without draining their funds.

Zuri Abara at The Depot, with a whopping 25,000 credits, is ideal for offloading pricey contraband or rare items.

Vladimir Sall zealously purchases planetary survey slates, shelling out over 1,000 credits each for these sought-after exploration trophies.

Ship Services NPCs stationed at major landing sites boast sizable funds, perfect for trading in upgraded spacecraft.

The Trade Authority’s ubiquitous kiosks offer a convenient option to liquidate surplus wares while on the go.

With deep pockets, these vendors empower you to capitalize on lucrative sales opportunities freely. Scout their locations, assess your inventory’s value, and negotiate the best deals to amass a considerable fortune throughout the conquered cosmos.

Selling Contraband Risks

Peddling contraband, those illicit goods obtained through dubious means, carries inherent risks you’d be prudent to reflect upon.

While lucrative, trafficking illegal wares invites scrutiny from authorities. Routine scans at secured areas could expose your unlawful cargo, resulting in hefty fines or incarceration.

Certain factions, like the Crimson Fleet, operate outside official bounds, offering safe havens to conduct such transactions discreetly. But tread cautiously, for even their territory holds perils should you overstep unspoken rules.

Consider the ramifications carefully before delving into Starfield’s shadowy underworld markets. One misstep could jeopardize your hard-earned gains or even your freedom. Weigh the risks against potential rewards judiciously.

Planet Survey Rewards

After thoroughly investigating and surveying a planet or moon to 100% completion, you’ll obtain a valuable Survey Slate. This rare item fetches a premium price from the right buyers, enabling you to capitalize on your exploration efforts.

Vladimir Sall, affiliated with Constellation, keenly seeks these slates:

  • Majestic Ringed Planet Slate (sold for over 1500 Credits)
  • Twin Moon Orbital Slate (1200+ Credits)
  • Volcanic Realm Geological Slate (around 1000 Credits)
  • Blue Gas Giant Atmospheric Slate (900+ Credits)

With his thirst for planetary knowledge, Sall pays top dollar for these slates. Search space terminals on major cities to locate him and seize the opportunity to convert your exploits into substantial credits.