Top 5 Best Class A Ships in Starfield (2024)

As you explore the expansive cosmos in Starfield, you’ll encounter the impressive Star Eagle, a ship that evolves with each playthrough.

This Class A vessel is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to powerful spacecraft in the game. From the lightning-fast Wanderwell to the combat-ready Murasame, each ship offers unique advantages that can dramatically alter your interstellar experience.

But what sets these top-tier vessels apart, and how do you decide which one best suits your playstyle? The answer lies in understanding their distinct capabilities and the specific challenges they’re designed to overcome.

1. Star Eagle

The Star Eagle is a top-tier Class A ship in Starfield, earned by completing the main story. This vessel stands out due to its unique ability to improve over time. Each time you finish the main storyline, the Star Eagle’s stats increase, making it a powerful and long-lasting asset in your space adventures.

When you begin New Game Plus, you’ll find the Star Eagle ready for action. This feature allows you to continue using the ship as you explore new challenges in the game. The more you play and achieve, the more potential you’ll unlock in the Star Eagle.

The ship’s evolution is tied directly to your progress in the game. As you complete major story events, you’ll notice improvements in the Star Eagle’s performance. This progression system ensures that your ship remains useful and competitive throughout your entire Starfield journey.

Using the Star Eagle effectively requires understanding its growing capabilities. Pay attention to the stat increases after each story completion. This knowledge will help you make the most of your ship in combat, exploration, and travel situations. The Star Eagle’s improvements may affect its speed, weapons, shielding, or cargo capacity, so adapt your strategies accordingly.

Remember that the Star Eagle is more than just a means of transport. It serves as a tangible record of your accomplishments in Starfield. As you continue to play and progress, your ship becomes a reflection of your journey through the game’s expansive universe.

2. Razorleaf

Razorleaf is a powerful Class A ship in Starfield, available through the Mantis sidequest. It offers immediate advantages over the Frontier, with superior Reactor, Shield, and Hull capabilities. The ship’s balanced particle weapons make it versatile for various missions and combat situations.

You’ll find Razorleaf particularly useful for smuggling operations, thanks to its shielded cargo hold. With a spacious 460 Cargo capacity, you can transport large quantities of goods. The ability to accommodate two crew members enhances your exploration options and overall efficiency.

One of Razorleaf’s key benefits is its early availability. You can acquire this ship during your first playthrough, giving you a significant advantage in space combat and exploration from the start. This early access to a high-performance vessel can greatly impact your progress and success in the game.

The ship’s combination of strength, utility, and advanced features makes it a valuable asset in your fleet. Whether you’re engaged in combat, trade, or exploration, Razorleaf provides the necessary tools to handle diverse challenges in Starfield. Its well-rounded capabilities ensure you’re prepared for whatever the game throws your way.

3. Wanderwell

Wanderwell is a standout Class A ship in Starfield, known for its exceptional speed and agility. Pilots can navigate through space with ease, thanks to the ship’s superior maneuverability and advanced propulsion systems. This vessel offers an exciting experience for those who enjoy fast-paced space travel.

The ship’s capabilities extend beyond just speed. Wanderwell boasts powerful weapon systems, making it effective in combat situations. You can engage formidable opponents while relying on the ship’s high-quality shields for protection. Additionally, Wanderwell features state-of-the-art navigation systems, enhancing your ability to explore the cosmos and complete various missions.

One of Wanderwell’s key strengths is its adaptability. You can customize the ship to suit your preferred style of play, whether you focus on stealthy operations or direct confrontations. This flexibility allows you to tailor the vessel to your specific needs and preferences in Starfield.

To make the most of Wanderwell, familiarize yourself with its controls and systems. Spend time practicing maneuvers to fully utilize its speed and agility. Experiment with different weapon configurations to find the setup that works best for your playstyle. When exploring, take advantage of the advanced navigation systems to discover new areas efficiently.

In combat situations, use Wanderwell’s speed to your advantage. Outmaneuver opponents and strike quickly before retreating to safety. Remember to monitor your shield levels and make use of the ship’s agility to avoid incoming fire. With practice, you’ll be able to handle challenging encounters with confidence.

4. Murasame

Murasame is a powerful Class A ship in Starfield’s combat arena, known for its incredible speed and maneuverability. The ship’s advanced targeting systems significantly improve your accuracy during battles. Its superior sensors give you an advantage in long-range fights and reconnaissance missions, providing better awareness of your surroundings.

The ship’s exceptional speed and agility allow for quick combat moves, helping you outmaneuver enemies with ease. Murasame’s targeting systems ensure your shots hit their mark more often, increasing your effectiveness in battle. The advanced sensors on board let you spot threats from far away, giving you time to prepare or avoid danger.

Murasame’s heavy armor adds to its strengths, allowing it to withstand more damage in dangerous situations. This durability, combined with its speed, makes it a versatile choice for various mission types. You can confidently engage in close-range dogfights or carry out long-distance operations without worrying about the ship’s performance.

When using Murasame, you’ll notice how its design allows for smooth transitions between different combat styles. Its speed helps you quickly close in on targets or escape dangerous situations. The precise targeting systems work well with the ship’s agility, letting you make accurate shots even during fast maneuvers.

Murasame’s capabilities make it a valuable asset in your fleet. It can handle many challenges you might face in Starfield’s vast universe. Whether you’re exploring new areas, defending against attackers, or carrying out offensive missions, Murasame’s blend of speed, accuracy, and toughness will serve you well.

5. Starborn Guardian

The Starborn Guardian is a powerful Class A ship in Starfield, available only in New Game+ after completing the main story. This exceptional vessel combines top-tier weapons and shield systems, making it a formidable choice for space combat.

To acquire the Starborn Guardian, you must start a new game after finishing the main storyline. While it may take some time to unlock, the wait is worthwhile due to the ship’s impressive capabilities. Its advanced technology and firepower allow you to dominate space battles with ease.

The Starborn Guardian offers limited customization options, but its superior performance more than compensates for this limitation. You’ll notice its exceptional handling and combat prowess during various missions, setting it apart from other ships in its class.

When piloting the Starborn Guardian, you’ll appreciate its advanced features and how they enhance your gameplay experience. The ship’s superior shields and weapons systems give you a significant advantage in challenging encounters, allowing you to tackle difficult missions with confidence.

As you progress through your New Game+ playthrough, the Starborn Guardian will prove to be an invaluable asset in your space exploration and combat endeavors. Its unique combination of power and technology makes it one of the most sought-after ships in Starfield’s post-game content.