Top 5 Best ADCs With Taric in League of Legends (2024)

Pairing the right ADC with Taric can make all the difference in your games. Whether you’re trying to dominate the bot lane or provide strong support for your team, the synergy between the champions in this duo is crucial.

Finding the best ADC to pair with Taric ensures you maximize his strengths and cover his weaknesses, setting yourself up for success in your matches. Let’s explore some top ADC choices that could give you the edge you need.

1. Kai’Sa

Teaming Kai’Sa with Taric can be incredibly effective due to her hybrid damage and mobility. Taric’s heals and shields provide great sustain for Kai’Sa, allowing her to stay in lane longer and farm more efficiently.

Kai’Sa’s ability to dive into the backline pairs well with Taric’s stuns and ultimate, offering her protection during risky plays.

Kai’Sa benefits from the crowd control effects of Taric’s abilities, which can help her land her skill shots more reliably. Taric’s passive also allows him to auto-attack periodically after casting spells, enhancing the duo’s trading potential in the early game.

Coordinated play between Kai’Sa’s mobility and Taric’s crowd control can turn skirmishes in their favor, especially against less coordinated opponents. This synergy makes the duo a solid choice in both laning phase and team fights.

2. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune pairs excellently with Taric in many League of Legends scenarios. Her high damage output and Taric’s protective abilities make for a formidable bot lane duo. Miss Fortune’s strong poke with Double Up can chip away at enemies’ health bars, making it easier for Taric to secure kills.

Combining Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time with Taric’s Cosmic Radiance is particularly effective. While Miss Fortune channels her ultimate, Taric provides invulnerability, ensuring she can deal maximum damage without interruption. This synergy often turns team fights in their favor.

Taric’s Dazzle stun also works well with Miss Fortune’s Make It Rain. Slowing enemies with Make It Rain, followed by a Dazzle stun, creates an opening for Miss Fortune to land her abilities and auto-attacks. This combination often catches enemy champions off guard.

Additionally, Taric’s passive, Bravado, grants bonus damage and a heal, which aids Miss Fortune in extended trades. His heals maintain her health during skirmishes, allowing Miss Fortune to stay in the fight longer and dish out consistent damage.

Understanding these synergies and leveraging them effectively can create a powerful and cohesive duo in bot lane. By coordinating abilities and playing to each champion’s strengths, you and your Taric partner can dominate the lane.

These complementary skills and strategies highlight why Miss Fortune and Taric are a strong pair. Their combination of damage, crowd control, and sustain makes them a competitive choice in League of Legends gameplay.

3. Tristana

Tristana pairs exceptionally well with Taric in League of Legends. Her aggressive playstyle complements Taric’s robust defenses. Tristana’s ability to engage and disengage from fights with her Rocket Jump makes her a versatile partner, allowing her to leap into the fray and quickly retreat when necessary.

Taric’s heals and shields provide Tristana with the sustain she needs during prolonged skirmishes. His stuns can also create openings for Tristana to deal critical damage, enhancing her potential to secure kills. Their synergy shines during all-ins, where Tristana’s burst damage can capitalize on Taric’s crowd control.

Another key aspect is Tristana’s Explosive Charge. The ability to reset Rocket Jump when an enemy dies benefits greatly from Taric’s stuns, providing multiple opportunities for a high-impact engage-exit strategy. This combination keeps opponents on their toes, constantly forcing them to react and adjust.

Together, they form a formidable duo capable of executing aggressive plays while sustaining minimal damage. This synergy makes them a tough lane to deal with and a joy to play.

4. Vayne

Vayne excels with Taric thanks to her ability to dominate late-game fights. Vayne’s strength lies in her high mobility and true damage, making her a formidable ADC when paired with the right support.

Taric’s kit complements Vayne beautifully. His heals and shields provide the necessary sustain for Vayne to survive skirmishes, while his stuns and ultimate offer crucial protection during team fights.

The synergy between Vayne and Taric shines through during the laning phase. Taric can help keep Vayne topped up with health, allowing her to farm safely. His stun can also set up opportunities for Vayne to secure kills.

In team fights, Taric’s ultimate can turn the tide, giving Vayne the durability to stay in the fight longer. This lets her dish out consistent damage and kite enemies effectively.

Vayne’s reliance on survival through positioning and mechanics is greatly supported by Taric’s kit. His passive armor boost and area-of-effect heals mean Vayne can take more risks, knowing she’ll have the backup she needs.

This combination is known to win games through a mixture of strategic play and individual prowess. If you’re looking for an ADC who benefits immensely from a supportive and protective role, Vayne paired with Taric is a powerful choice.

5. Lucian

Lucian is an excellent ADC to pair with Taric. His aggressive playstyle complements Taric’s abilities, particularly the stun. When Taric lands a stun, Lucian can follow up with his high-damage abilities, making it a devastating combo.

Lucian’s kit includes a dash that has a low cooldown. This mobility allows him to quickly position for Taric’s stuns. Additionally, his passive ability, which enables double shots, can deal significant damage when the enemy is immobilized.

In the laning phase, Lucian’s early-game strength pairs well with Taric’s healing and crowd control. Both can engage effectively, providing constant pressure on their opponents. Lucian’s burst damage ensures that any successful crowd control from Taric can quickly turn into a kill.