Espresso Cookie

Espresso Cookie Run: Everything You Need To Know

Looking for some info about the Espresso Cookie? You might hear that this cookie character is one of the most OP cookies in this game; this character is not overpowered at the beginning of the game.

In some recent updates, Espresso Cookie takes on the spotlight as it’s become one of the most broken characters in the game.

This article will discuss this character, its story, skill, and some necessary info about the Espresso Cookie. Now let’s begin with the story of our cookie character.

Espresso Cookie Story

Espresso Cookie Story

Precise temperature, price quantity of coffee beans, precise roasting time! Everything must be in a precise order for the plan to work. Always busy, always on the go-this is the lifestyle of the founder of the coffee magic school, Espresso Cookie.

Despite being frequently mistaken for a black mage-yes, sometimes things burn and smoke- Espresso cookie can’t afford to waste a second of meaningless explanations.

Night after night, this pioneer of magics works on perfecting his grind and brew. “Isn’t that too much coffee?”, one might wonder. Well, there’s always the delightful coffee fragrance in the air!

Based on the story of our character, she has a very serious personality; his perfectionism gives her the ability to perfect her magic, which makes her enemy tremble.

Espresso cookie rarity is epic and harder to obtain, not unless you are planning to spend some cash to get it, but if you are free to play, it may take some time to obtain this cookie.

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There are a couple of ways to obtain this Epic cookie, and let us discuss them individually.

obtained espresso cookie through gatcha

The first obvious one is through gacha; like some other cookies in our game Cookie Run: Kingdoms, you can obtain the espresso cookie by making some gatcha.

But prepare yourself your self, and your wallet since you will gonna need thousands of crystals to used to summon our epic cookie.

One draw will consume 300 crystals, and 10 draws will use 3,000 crystals, and based on your luck, you might consume about 30k more or less just to get this cookie.

If you’re free-to-play, don’t worry; you can also get some crystals through achievements, events, and world exploration.

Just save those crystals and try your luck in gacha. In some other games, it is almost impossible to do some gacha without spending, but in our game Cookie Run: Kingdoms, it’s entirely possible without spending a single dime.

Mileage Shop

get espresso cookie, milage shop

If you are not lucky enough to obtain an Espresso cookie through gacha, you can try to get it in the mileage shop. 

Every time you do some gacha, even if you spend money or not, you will get some Mileage coins, and you can use these coins to buy some soul stones.

A soul stone is used to meet cookies, and every cookie has a different soul stone; you need to gather about 20 soul stones to get the cookie of your choice. 

In the mileage shop, you can exchange 100 mileage coins for 1 soul stone and try to get 20 espresso cookie soul stones to summon.

World Exploration

The third way to get this cookie is by completing World Exploration; you need to clear Dark 8-15 levels three times or clear Dark 12-18 levels three times.

This option is only available if your level is high, and if you are just starting to play this game, it is impossible to clear Dark world exploration.

espresso cookie skills and effect

What makes this cookie special and OP was because of its skill and its effect; like I mentioned earlier that this character gets some boost in its grinding skill effect from the recent update.


Precise and even grinding are key for magically delicious coffee! A giant whirlwind inflicts serial area damage to enemies and pulls them even from afar to its center, even if they are resistant to interrupts.

The final burst of damage may interrupt skills. While Espresso Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

Espresso Cookie Skill EffectMagic Candy Effect
Cooldown: 15sExtra DMG on the final hit
DMG: 98.4% over 7 hits, 123.0% DMG with the last hit.Single Hit DMG (Cookies): 280.8% + 3.6% fixed DMG
Relative to Max HP
Single Hit DMG (Others): 232.6%
Injury: Max HP- 8.7% (Max HP at the start of the battle) for 20.0 sec, Injury cannot reduce Max HP by more than 25%
+10 Effect
Stun on final hit: 1:25 sec
325.0 % of extra DMG to targets immune to stun
Increases DMG dealt with the final hit to targets, immune to stun to 357.5%

Espresso Cookie Skill looks like a black hole that sucks enemies apart and deals a huge amount of damage; it can also pull the enemy at the center of its skills even if it is resistant to interruption, which is helpful in a team fight with its crowd control effect.

When this skill is cast, there is no way to stop it since Espresso Cookie will become resistant to interrupting effects while this skill is cast.

Magic Candy

magic candy off espresso cookie

Another thing that makes its skill dangerous is its magic candy, which modifies its skill to perfect extraction, giving more effect to its enemy.

It deals extra DMG on the final hit when its enemy is cookies (mostly PVP), giving a single hit DMG of 280.8% + 3.6% fixed DMG based on Max HP. It also gives debuff-like effects on its enemies with its Max HP minus 8.7% at the start of the battle for 20.0 sec.

In addition, once the magic candy has reached level 10, it also gets the extra effect of stunning its enemy in the final hit for 1.25sec and 325.0% of extra DMG to targets immune to stun, which gives its enemies no escape to its skill even if it is immune to stun huge damage will deal in exchange.

Full searing raspberry topping for espresso cookie

Most pro players suggest using a full-searing raspberry topping for the toppings to amplify its damage and ATK even more. For this reason, espresso cookies are mostly placed in the middle lane of a team and serve as a major damage dealer.

Espresso Cookie is one of the broken characters today in the Cookie Run: Kingdoms; it has a high amount of damage, especially if level up its magic candy is to level 10; all you need to do is to make sure that this cookie will not die first in a clash.

To avoid this, always make sure you have a good healer and tank cookies to support your Espresso Cookie.