Takistan Map DayZ

Takistan Map DayZ: A Quick Review

The Takistan map DayZ is one of the most challenging areas for new players and just about everybody really. Sharing a border with the fictional country of Chernarus, the map can take some time to learn due to its difficult terrain.

Takistan is one of several places were DayZ players try to survive. Here we have a quick review of the desert map:

Takistan Map DayZ

Takistan is a country surrounded by mountains so that means most of the terrain is nowhere near flat. The area were players have to survive is pretty much all desert with little to no cover in some areas or buildings to hide in.

The map features 24 villages, 4 towns, 3 airports, several oil fields, and a mine. All of these places are scattered around the large map, giving players numerous options to survive and get the best loot.

A Different Experience

Most maps on games like DayZ provide large amounts of cover and structures where the player can sit back. But Takistan is a totally different map for players. Every move here seems to be a little more dangerous than in other maps. The map is mostly desert so moving around will require being in the open for long periods of time. There is a lot of sand and a handful of trees to provide cover. It’s bad news for whoever spots you here since they can easily track where you’re going due to the little cover. You’ll have to move very carefully in open areas.

The hills are the best way to keep an eye out for danger. High ground is usually the best place to be in survival games and it is no different here. Sitting on the hills and looking down for loot and opponents is the right move most of the time.


Locations and Battles

This map is made up of many locations but most of them are small. Towns and villages contain loot for all players. But the main attraction seems to be the airports and the big cities. Loot is all over the place but some obviously prefer to go for the big locations to get things going early.

Once you’re set on the loot, you’re going to want to stay safe and have the best location for a battle. Takistan is a very difficult map for those trying to sneak around. There is little cover and most of the fights will be between hills and the buildings that provide cover. The buildings in most villages and towns have windows all over the place so looting time can easily turn into a fight from distance. Players also tend to sit in buildings, which can be an advantage if you hear them or if you happen to spot them before going in.

Takistan is easily one of the best maps for players who love sniping. A good hill can provide a view of a certain location. There is obviously some disadvantages since having one area on lock can mean getting a surprise attack from a different side. One of the best options for snipers are the buildings. They can provide cover from different angles and give you a clear view for one side.

Takistan Map DayZ: Worth Checking Out

DayZ has numerous maps that are worth checking out and Takistan is one of them. Why? In my opinion, this one offers a totally different experience from the usual DayZ. The usual DayZ is all about cover and big locations. But here, there is 24 villages and 4 towns where fights will be a lot different due to the structures and terrain. Players also have the option to visit the big locations, which always have the good loot and the big battles.


Survival game DayZ is the standalone mod of the ARMA 2 title. The mod caught the attention of a lot players back in the days, so much that it came to consoles. The game went from early access to official release in 2018. It was PC only at the time. But that changed the following year with the debut of the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

The game remains very popular to this day, especially on PC. Steamcharts shows that over 21,000 people were playing the game 44 minutes ago. The 24-hour peak is a whopping 38,000, which ain’t bad for a game that saw its debut on PC a long time ago.