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Fallout 76 Return: How Is The Game Doing?

A Fallout 76 return is something that many fans have made over the years to see exactly what’s going on with the most recent release in the series. The Fallout series has millions and millions of fans worldwide, but this article talks about a return because Fallout 76 was nowhere near perfect.

Fallout 76 is nearly four years old, but its disastrous launch made some steps away from the game. Others were on the game for a bit and decided to switch back to Fallout 4 or move on to other releases. It’s been a while since the launch, so is it any better now? Is there a significant improvement? Here we will talk about that and more.

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Fallout 76 Return

The next Fallout game is not coming anytime soon. Reports say Bethesda plans to work on a few projects before it shifts its focus to the next release in the popular series. That means fans have limited options, such as Fallout 76 and Fallout 4, with no real multiplayer. They can even go way back to the older releases, but some gamers prefer more of the recent stuff.

Going back to Fallout 76 right now is not the worst decision. But here are a few things you should know before returning:

The Game Is Getting There

The Fallout 76 release was a mess, with all kinds of problems hitting Bethesda. The game had numerous bugs, some things would break the game, and there was the whole thing with the bag for those who bought the pricey edition.

After nearly four years, Fallout 76 is starting to feel like a game. In 2020, Bethesda brought its third major update to the game. The expansion features NPC factions with quests and a few other things.

There are a ton of quality-of-life features that have made adjustments to the game’s hud and markers. Quest markers were all over the place, and one update made changes to simplify things. You can now select the quest and track just that quest.


Balance Is Not Great

One of the game’s biggest problems early on was balance. Some weapons were broken or felt like they did little damage. Also, around this time, players found a duplication glitch that flooded the game with some of the strongest weapons.

Bethesda has made numerous adjustments to the weapons throughout the years. Among those adjustments is the nerf of weapons, especially those that did lots of damage. If you have not been on the game since its release, you will probably notice that some weapons are not as strong.

Premium Membership – $99.99 a Year

Fallout 76 did not have a great release, but that didn’t stop Bethesda from finding ways to keep fans around. In 2019, the studio announced Fallout 1st, a subscription with many perks.

The memberships allow members to have infinite storage, create a private world for multiplayer, receive in-game currency, and much more. The announcement was controversial because of the game’s launch, but it remains part of the game. Price? $12.99 a month or $99.99.

Fallout 76 Return: Bugs Have Not Completely Left

Bugs were a major part of the criticism during the game’s release. There were so many of them, including some that were game-breaking. The Joseph Anderson YouTube channel made a video titled ‘The 1001 Glitches of Fallout 76’ to show some of the glitches. The video is nearly three hours long and doesn’t even cover all since it is just on the ones he found. Glitches such as NPCs vanishing and your character standing on fire without taking any damage are all part of the video.

Bethesda has made fixes through the updates, but some bugs remain. Things such as audio not working properly on some terrains and the game crashing randomly on old-gen consoles are just some of the issues that plague the game.

Bugs were all over the place in the 2018 version, but things are better now. Don’t expect a perfect experience, though, especially if you’re on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Fallout 76 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.