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AC Odyssey Best Armor Now – All Perks

The AC Odyssey’s best armor depends on your playstyle, but to many of us, the Pirate Set is the way to go for the journey. Our number one set provides an extra boost on damage and stealth. Here’s why we think the Pirate Set is the top option.

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Oh, and we have a few other armors in case your playstyle focuses less on stealth.

AC Odyssey Best Armor: The Pirate Set

We think the Pirate Set is the AC Odyssey’s best armor since it currently provides a big increase in stealth, damage, and critical hits. The armor can also be obtained way before others on the list. The only problem? You’ll have to reach a certain point of the main quest and do a bunch of sea battles. Now, this also happens to be one of the earlier options. Others require a lot more.

Here we have the perks and what needs to be done to unlock this one:

Hood – The hood boosts +10% on Critical Chance when full health and +15% Assassin Damage.

Torso Armor – The torso armor brings a +15% increase to Assassin Damage and a whopping +25% for Adrenaline Assassination.

Gauntlet – The Gauntlet offers a +15% Critical Damage and +15% Assassin Damage.

Treads – Full Health +10% Critical Chance and +15% Assassin Damage.

Waistband – +15% Assassin Damage and full health +5% Critical Chance.

The first opportunity to unlock this armor is after episode three. This means you’ll have to progress through the story before doing what’s required. Another set is available after this but also requires separate objectives to unlock.

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The Other Armor Options

In our opinion, one of the best armor designs in the game is the Armor of the Fallen. This is DLC Armor, so you’ll need to take your skills to the Underworld along with a visit to the Hades Palace immediately.

Armor of the Fallen – AC Odyssey Best Armor Look

The first step is defeating four enemies, including Swordfish. Afterward, you’ll have another little encounter. But that’s all we have to say since everything else would be spoilers.

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Here are the perks of the set:

Helmet +25% Warrior Damage and +10% Max Health.

Torso Armor +25% Warrior Damage and +10% Max Health.

Gauntlet – +25% Hunter Damage and +10% Max Health.

Waistband – +10% on Max Health plus a boost of +25% on Assassin Damage.

Treads – +10% on Max Health plus a boost of +25% on Assassin Damage.

Spartan Set

The second set that can very well be a top option is the Spartan Armor. This is the opposite of stealth; it is all about combat and doing the most damage possible during the fights.

The set can be obtained by reaching the third episode of the main missions, just like the Pirate set. Right after, you’ll have to battle the Peloponnesian cultists.

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Here are the perks:

Helmet +15% Warrior Damage and +20% Damage against Athenian soldiers.

Torso Armor +15% Warrior Damage and +25% Critical Damage.

Gauntlet – +15% Warrior Damage and +5% Critical Chance.

Waistband – +15% Warrior Damage plus a boost of +20% on Overpower and Damage skills.

Treads – +15% on Warrior Damage plus a boost of +5% on All Damage.

Demigod Set

The Demigod Set is up there in the discussions of the best armors in the game. The set we are discussing brings a nice balance between attacks and defending. Now, The boosts offered by the set are simply some of the best. But the only obstacle is that the game has saved this one for the very end of the main missions. This means you’ll use this one way later than most on this list.

The quest for the armor doesn’t stop there since the game also requires doing a little more after obtaining most of the pieces. But going for it will for sure be worth it in the end.

Its perks can be found here:

Helmet +15% Warrior Damage and +10% All Damage.

Torso Armor +15% Warrior Damage and +5% All Damage.

Gauntlet – +15% Warrior Damage and +5% All Damage.

Waistband – +15% Warrior Damage, +5% on All Damage.

Boots – +15% Warrior Damage plus a boost of +5% on All Damage.

AC Odyssey is a gigantic game that will have you playing for hours, so these are just one of the few options available during the game. Obviously, all have different stats and are suited for various playstyles. So good luck in your quest, and have fun using the many armors available.