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Anesthesia Tarkov Quest: 3 Steps to Get it Done

Escape from Tarkov is a fan favorite among PC gamers around the world. The game can be quite intense and provide cool moments at any given time. But some quests can be challenging, especially the Anesthesia tarkov quest.

The Anesthesia tarkov quest gives players a lot of trouble, and it is a must to complete to level up. Here we have a guide on how to complete it easily and what you’ll gain from doing this.

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So, you want to complete the Anesthesia Tarkov Quest? Well, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. The first step is to find the quest giver, who is located in the Hospital building. The second step is to collect five syringes of anesthesia from different locations around the map. The third and final step is to return to the Hospital and hand the anesthesia to the quest giver. Congratulations – you’ve just completed the Anesthesia Tarkov Quest!

What is the anesthesia Tarkov quest?

The anesthesia Tarkov quest is a challenging and intriguing adventure that takes players through the dangerous wilderness of Tarkov. It starts with players waking up in an unfamiliar location with no memory of how they arrived there and gradually unfolding as they work through various obstacles and puzzles along the way.

As you explore the mysterious and deadly Tarkov, you will encounter various terrifying enemies who are determined to stop you from completing your quest. Whether you fight or flee, the anesthesia Tarkov quest will test your skills and abilities as you attempt to unravel its many mysteries.

So if you’re ready for an epic adventure filled with danger and excitement, then the anesthesia Tarkov quest is for you!

Anesthesia Tarkov Quest – How To Unlock

There is no requirement here outside of being level 21 in the game. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to access the quest with no problems.


There are four total objectives for this quest:

  • First, you must mark the first trading post with an MS2000 Marker on Shoreline.
  • Second, you must do the same thing on the previous objective but at the second trading post.
  • Third, you have to do the same again, but this time on the third trading post.
  • The last objective is to remain alive and extract from the area.

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Anesthesia Tarkov Quest – What To Do

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The first step towards completing the quest is visiting an area with multiple cottages. The area is close to the top side of the map and will be recognizable immediately. Once there, you will need to head over immediately to the cottage that is not open.

Look for a spot with a table and a wheelchair right behind it. There are some boxes on the sides as well. Mark that spot, which will complete the quest’s first objective.

Second and Third Trading Post

The next objective is to head to the second trading post. There are three, so you’re midway through the quest right now.

The second area on this list involves what appears to be some school or hospital building. It is a huge building, and you’ll see a lot of windows and a damaged truck outside.

The area you must find to mark is by a wall and a metal barrier. You will know you are in a spot because a stretcher and several boxes are sitting next to it. The stretcher has one red box on top and a few other smaller items.

Mark that area and be on the lookout for danger. This spot is in the open so that anything can happen. Just make sure to mark and get to safety immediately.

The third and final spot to mark can be reached by spotting a road that splits. One side of the road connects to a white and blue building with some cars parked. The other side of the road continues along a body of water.

tarkov quest

The area we are looking for is near the white and blue building, which has a blue fence. Go to the parking lot and find a different stretcher. This stretcher has no items but appears to have a mark on the top. It is sitting just a few feet away from the back of a car. There are some medical items a couple of feet away from the stretcher. The supplies are the ones that need to be marked to complete the third objective.

The Rewards

Once that’s done, you’re on the way to gaining XP and a few other rewards.

  • Prapor Rep – +0.04
  • 50,000 Roubles
  • 52,500 Roubles – Intelligence Center Level 1
  • 57,500 Roubles – Intelligence Center Level 2
  • 100x 9x39mm SPP gs
  • 100x 9x39mm SP-6 gs
  • 18,100 XP
  • 1x AS VAL 9×39 Special AR

That’s all we have for this quest, and good luck!

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