is gang beasts cross platform

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Feature Coming?

Gang Beasts is one of the most entertaining fighting games out there so it is no surprise to see players around the world asking for improvements. One of the most popular questions out there is ”Is gang beasts cross platform coming soon?”

And just to get started on the topic, the answer is yes and no. The feature is already somewhat part of the game but recent rumors suggest that it may happen fully at some point. Another big feature has already been confirmed to be coming as well. All of this has obviously made players believe it is just a matter of time.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform Coming For All Systems?

Cross platform can be a bit confusing for Gang Beasts. The feature is actually available between two gaming consoles but the player base on other platforms is waiting for it to come to them.

The multiplayer party game continues to be extremely popular but the player base feels like it would be a great thing to have cross-platform. One side is having fun with it and that is Xbox. We will get to that whole explanation on how Xbox has it and others don’t in just a second.

How Does Gang Beasts Cross Platform Work?

Gang Beasts limited cross platform option is currently available on just the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC. Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S users can crossplay just fine. Things get a bit more confusing with PC though. Windows PC can battle Xbox users if they acquire the Microsoft Store version that contains the Xbox Game Pass.

The Steam option does not offer any of that. Instead, users will be playing against others from that same platform. No one knows why exactly but if you want crossplay, then this is the version to avoid for now.

On the PlayStation side, things are even worse. The cross platform option is not available at all over there. It doesn’t matter if you got the Steam or Microsoft Store version. And if you plan on playing on your PS5 with a friend or family member that has a PS4, that’s not available either.

The only good news is that the game can be played through the backwards compatibility feature of the PS5. But that’s to be expected since there is no PS5 version of this game at the moment.

Oh and we also have the Nintendo Switch version of this game. Gang Beasts for the Switch is actually the most recent release of the four. This version debuted in October 2021, allowing Switch users to battle each other. Yes, only Switch users since the game has also left out any options of crossplatform.

What’s the Best Option to Play Gang Beasts With Friends?

Gang Beasts can be fun in any random match but things are always better with family and friends. After all, Gang Beasts is a party game in which the only goal is to be the last one standing of the group.

The party brawler features a number of characters that are difficult to control. The chaotic maps and tough to control movements make matches a lot of fun. There is variety too, with numerous environments and dangerous areas to battle in. Boats with giant sharks jumping in, a moving train, and a construction site are just some of the maps.

The game is actually so entertaining that even watching it is fun. Streamers across YouTube and Twitch regularly play the game and it is not difficult to see why.

Playing the game on any system will deliver entertainment for sure. But those looking to play with friends or family members have the Xbox consoles as the only option at this very moment. Those two along with the Microsoft Store version can play together no problem.

PS5 and Xbox Series Version In The Plans?

It is unclear if there will be a next gen version of Gang Beasts. What we do know is that a huge number of studios are going back and remastering or releasing free upgrades of their games. We’ve seen it with Fall Guys and Subnautica. There is no indication that Gang Beasts will follow that path but it would make a lot of sense if it did. The game is one of the most entertaining party brawlers out there so it wouldn’t be a surprise at all.

Will It Come to Other Platforms Soon?

Crossplay and cross platform has been a game changing feature ever since it was introduced some years back. It has made games like Rocket League, Apex Legends, and Fortnite a lot better. There is currently no indication as to when it will come but there is a tiny piece of information that gives hope.

The Gang Beasts FAQ explaining the different versions of the game does mention something about it. If you scroll all the way down, you’ll see that there is currently no crossplay. But the last part of the answer to that question explains that they are looking into it.

Gang Beasts is one of the most entertaining party games out there but cross platform would for sure be a huge upgrade. We’ll let you know if the studio behind this amazing title makes an announcement.