fallout 76 community calendar

Fallout 76 Community Calendar: Content For the Rest of 2022

The Fallout 76 Community Calendar lets players know exactly what is coming to Bethesda’s popular survival game. The calendar came out at the start of the year and ends in 2022. The current year has just over 3 months left, but a lot of content is still coming.

This article will post everything that is coming for the rest of this month and 2022. Here we go.

Fallout 76 Community Calendar – Content for Sept. and Near Future

The community calendar is good for players since they know what to expect for the whole year. We don’t know what Bethesda has for 2023, but we know exactly what’s coming for the last few months.

We’re midway through September, and Bethesda has given players plenty of content, including a brand-new area. But we’ll talk about that in just a second.


The roadmap provides just some information on what’s coming every season. Here is that info:


  • New public events.
  • Fallout worlds update.
  • Launch of Season 8.

Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter all introduce a new season. Spring began with the launch of Season 8: A Better Life Underground.

fallout roadmap


  • New public events.
  • Fallout 1st scoreboard upgrades.
  • Season 9.

One of the main additions is for the game’s subscription service, Fallout 1st.


  • Introduction of Missions.
  • New rewards.
  • Season 10.

Content for fall is a bit different than the rest of the roadmap but equally as important. The team has a new season as well as new rewards and missions.


  • New public events.
  • Region boss public event.
  • Season 11.

The new season and much more are coming up soon.

Current Season – Fallout 76 Community Calendar

Season 10 is here, and that means tons of content for survival game players. The month began with the launch of the Scrip Surplus Weekend. That ran from Sept. 1 – 6.

September 8 – 12 saw the Legendary Purveyor Sale, 25 percent off, and the Double Mutations Weekend.

On September 13, the game brought in probably the best content of the month. The Pitt Update came in with a brand new area to explore. This is huge since new areas provide fresh content for game fans. September 22 – 26 will see a Double Mutations Weekend, and September 29 – October 3 will have a Scrip Surplus, Gold Rush Weekend, and Minerva’s Big Sale.

October – 5 Events

October continues with the 25th Anniversary of Fallout. There are five events in the plans for the month. October 4 – 18 will feature the Invaders From Beyond Seasonal Event. Oct. 6 and the following four days are for a Double Mutations Weekend.

October 13 – 17 will have a Caps-a-Plenty Weekend, while Oct. 20 – 24 will be for the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter Event and Double Mutations Weekend. The rest of the month to Nov. 8 will have the Spooky Scorched Seasonal Event.

November – 5 Events

November has several events coming up:

  • November 3 – 7 will be for a Double Mutations Weekend, Gold Rush Weekend, and Minerva’s Big Sale.
  • November 10 – 14 will have a Double XP Weekend and a Purveyor’s Mystery Pick.
  • November 15 – 29 comes in with the Call to Axe-Tion Challenge Event.
  • November 17 – 21 will only see a Double Mutations Weekend.
  • November 24 – 28 will be the end of the content for this month. A Legendary Purveyor Sale, 25 percent off, a Scrip Surplus Weekend, and a Caps-a-Plenty Weekend are all coming.

December – 6 Events

December will be a big month for the game, as it has up to six events. The first five days of the month will be for a Double Mutations Weekend. December 8 – 12 will feature another Minerva’s Big Sale, while December 15 – 19 will be for Gold Rush and a Double Mutations Weekend.

December 20 to January 3 will feature the Holiday Scorched event. Additionally, a Double XP Weekend will come December 22 – 26. The last event for this community calendar is a Legendary Purveyor Sale, 25 percent off, and a Scrip Surplus Weekend.

Fallout 76 is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Additionally, the game is playable through backward compatibility of PS5 and Xbox Series.