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TERA Loot Box Chance: What’s New?

The TERA loot box chance saw a big change back in 2020. The studio not only made changes to the loot boxes but also a few other things, such as passive skills. Here is what the studio brought in for that update.

Tera Loot Box Chance – The Changes

A couple of years ago, En Masse Entertainment gave players an update that brought several changes. Among the big changes in the update was the loot boxes. At that time, the change was a ”systemic refresh” of the system.

The update gave players the confirmation that the system would remove any guaranteed items. In addition, random consumables would also be gone with the update. The new system replaces those items with Modular Chests. These chests/loot boxes will include items that can be used by the player immediately.

That’s not all; the studio also gave players the confirmation that percentages would be shown for the chances of pulling an item. Each chest has a name, and that name is for the item that will be part of it. The studio also said the chests would be available for trade immediately, in case they want to free up inventory or not spend time opening for an item they don’t want.

Tera Loot Box Chance – Controversy & More

Loot boxes have been a controversial part of video games for years now. The system has not only been banned in some countries, but some players constantly criticize studios and companies behind games for featuring them.

Some companies and studios, such as the one behind TERA, have recently made changes to make the system more transparent. Another example of loot box/microtransaction changes is FIFA. After a ton of controversy, the popular series of full video games from EA have gone with a different system in recent editions.

FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode, which features loot boxes in the form of player packs, now displays a preview of the pack. The preview is only available once daily for that specific player pack on the store. But it gives the player a look at what they will get if they spend their coins or real money on that pack. Before this change, players could only hope to get lucky while opening a pack.

Other games also show the odds of getting items through a loot box. One example is Respawn’s and EA’s Apex Legends. The packs show the chances of getting a rare, epic, or legendary item. Respawn has also given all the info on the odds of the heirloom and other packs found through limited-time events and store rotations.

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Other Changes From the TERA Update

The loot box system was not the only thing that saw changes in TERA during the April 2020 update. The patch also brought several skill balance adjustments, including new passive skills for several classes. Current skills at that time also saw adjustments. In other words, the early 2020 update was massive, featuring loot box adjustments and tons of changes to the actual multiplayer game.

TERA PC – Bad News

The PC version of TERA got bad news earlier this year when Gameforge said servers would shut down in June 2022. However, the console version is still available for players worldwide.

TERA still appears on the PS Store, which is a good sign. A quick search on the internet also suggests that the shutdown is for the game’s PC version. Most posts mention that the PC and console versions are from different studios, with the console side still active on the title. A November 2020 update brought in cross-platform between Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

TERA made its debut for PC in 2011, later switching to a free-to-play model. In March 2017, the game had more than 25 million users worldwide. The PS4 and Xbox One, the first consoles to get the game, had about two million players in early 2018.

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