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5 Hottest Game Characters: Apex Legends Edition

The hottest game characters category is long since thousands of video games are out. You’ve all seen the lists with characters from Resident Evil, Metal Gear, and other popular series. But in this article, we’ll look at the battle royale from EA/Respawn, Apex Legends.

Hottest Game Characters – Apex Edition

Apex Legends currently has 21 characters, but the list grows by one every season. The lineup is large because the game has been in the market for over three years, exactly 14 seasons.

The hottest game characters category for this battle royale game is difficult. Most of the characters have a large fanbase, so much so that they have multiple Reddit sections about them. The characters usually appear on that page when the word hot is brought up.


Loba has been among the hottest characters in the game since her introduction in Season 5. The support Legend, who specializes in getting high-quality loot for her teammates, has led to several Reddit sections and cosplays.

Her release was somewhat controversial since many complained on Reddit that the studio was simply throwing in a good-looking character to get people to spend money on the game. Loba has been in the game for 10 seasons now, and she currently has some of the best cosmetics in the game. She is one of the few characters that don’t have an heirloom, but recent rumors say she will get one soon.


Mirage is seen as one of the weakest characters in the game since his abilities don’t help out his teammates as much as others. But the decoy specialist has a ton of fans on Reddit.

His Reddit section has thousands of followers, and females seem to be a high percentage. Mirage has not seen any major changes for a while now, but he has some of the best cosmetics in the game, including the rare Folk Hero skin and The Dark Artist.


Gibraltar is one of the game’s original characters, debuting on the Feb. 2019 release alongside Lifeline, Bloodhound, and a few others. The defensive Legend has plenty of fans on Reddit, who often vote for him as one of the hottest characters in the game.

Gibraltar and Loba have somewhat started a meme that usually pops up on Apex posts on Instagram and just about everywhere Respawn and EA makes an announcement. Comments such as ‘Loba swimsuit’ and ‘Gibby swimsuit’ are usually among the liked comments. The requests have also sparked concepts from various artists.



Wattson is usually a popular mention when people on Reddit start discussing hot characters. Like Loba, the defensive Legend has been a very popular cosplay. Most of those cosplays end up being quite good. Wattson’s equipment can be difficult to copy since she carries a large tower on her back and wears a large blue and orange jacket as part of her default skin.

Wattson’s personality also seems to major in why many people like her. Most of her Apex Legends voice lines are jokes and puns.

Hottest Game Characters – Fuse


Fuse is one of the more recent characters in the battle royale game. But he has quickly become one of the mentions in the hottest game characters category for Apex Legends. Many of those mentions came when he appeared in one of the trailers.

In the trailer, several Legends enjoy their time on the beach. One is Fuse, who surprises the other Legends by coming out of the water without a shirt on. This small video part immediately led to many memes and requests for a swimsuit skin.

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