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Red Amongus: The Villain of Among Us

Red Amongus is among the most popular characters in the Innersloth multiplayer social deduction game. You may not use him regularly, but thousands of people do. The character is so popular that it has brought up memes and all kinds of accusations against those who use the color.

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Red Amongus

The story of the Red character in Among Us is easy as the bad guy or the main villain. And it is not because the character is a villain. Anybody can be a villain/impostor since that is chosen randomly before the match. But the character is constantly the person to blame if things go wrong.

Origins and More

Among Us made its debut in 2018, but we all know what happened during the pandemic days. The Innersloth multiplayer social deduction game took off along with a few others games that no one saw coming, including Fall Guys.

Red was among the characters/color options available from the start of the game. Innersloth would later add a couple more options through a vote. But that changed nothing for Red and a few other color options.

Innersloth revealed through a tweet in 2021 that Red was the most popular color in the game. The announcement was no surprise since there is usually a Red character in every match.

The popularity has led some to believe there is a higher chance of being an impostor. That is simply not true, but some think that’s not the case.

red among us


The Red character is usually the one to blame for everything. It doesn’t matter if the player with that color is said to be innocent by others. One random player will always blame Red for what’s happening in the game. And most of the time, there will be votes. Red doesn’t have to say a thing. Most will even come before the player gets a word into the mic or chat screen. It is also the go-to move for an impostor to save themselves. Just blame red, and it might work.

If things get to a few characters left, you can bet that somebody in that group will be keeping a close eye on Red. You can also guarantee that there will be a random accusation if the group sees a wrong move or the chance to link Red to the elimination of others.

Blaming Red is pretty much a classic meme at this point. In the text chats or party chats, you’ll see comments or hear ‘red sus.’ There is usually no evidence of the person or group making the accusations. But you can bet someone will take that seriously and vote for Red. It is difficult to escape those accusations with any color, but it’s even more difficult while using that color. If you’re Red, prepare a good response or proof of what you’ve done to help the crew.

Photo by Carl Raw Unsplash

Red Amongus – Popularity

Red seems to be far ahead of the Among Us competition. A lobby usually has a red character waiting to play a match. Sometimes, people will even ask if you want to change colors so they can be Red.

The villain story of Red Amongus is partial because the character is seen on screen pop-ups and other promotional content from Innersloth. Red is the icon you see when you search for the game on Google Play. Red is also the bad guy in the How To Play section.

Want more? Red is also the color that comes up in the animation of the Emergency Meeting. The Impostor screen shows the word in Red. And that’s not all; whenever a dead body is reported, the words come up in Red.

Will It Ever Change For Red?

Red will likely be a meme forever due to its popularity. Innersloth doesn’t usually make major changes to its game, especially on the color options. The studio has brought in just eight new color options since the game’s full release.

Innersloth has not made a 2022 tweet on the color option rankings, but Red is probably in the top three.