Minecraft Dog
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How to Find a Minecraft Dog

Minecraft dogs are always fun to have as a partner in crime, but how do you find one? Better yet, what does it take to train a dog from Minecraft? We have put together a list of things to help!

It’s always hard to find that first Wolf, but once you do, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure the Wolf becomes your pet dog. Yes, Minecraft Wolves are also Minecraft Dogs, just untamed! 

How to Find a Minecraft Dog

Make sure you are at least in version 1.4.1. , and you can find a Minecraft dog in the forest biome most of the time, in Taiga, Cold Taiga, or the Mega Taiga are the most popular areas. 
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Minecraft Dog

The most common places where multiple wolves are usually grouped in packs. If you find any, just make sure not to hit them! They will attack if they are not tamed.

How to Train a Minecraft Dog

There are a few steps to train a dog; it may require a few Skeleton kills first!

Find Skeleton Bones

Skeleton bones can be quite easy to come across when fighting mobs. Usually, the Skeleton Mob will drop a few for you to take in your inventory. Sometimes the wolves need a few more than one bones, so make sure you gather plenty of bones! Especially if you want to breed!

Find a Wolf

As mentioned above, usually you can find a wolf in the Taiga Forest Biomes, or sometimes the mountains if you are lucky! In creative mode, you can find a Wolf spawn egg in the inventory. 

Feed the Bones to the Wolf

If you are playing, right-click to feed the bones to the Wolf once it is closer to you. Be careful, do not hit the wolf by hitting right-click, as this can anger them, resulting in being chased and attacked. 

Tame the Wolf

If the wolf is tamed, you will see mini hearts flying around the wolf. Congrats! You now have a Minecraft Dog. 

Bring the Minecraft Dog home.

Minecraft dogs will follow you everywhere as you are now their owner. But be careful not to go too fast, or else you may get too far of a distance for the dog to teleport to you. When you do not want the dog to follow you, simply left-click to make your dog sit anywhere he is standing. 

Change the Color of the Collar

When you want to change the color of your Minecraft Dogs collar, simply find a dye of your favorite color (blue, yellow, red, purple, etc.) and right-click the dye onto the dog’s current collar. 

If you would like a visual reference to how to tame a Minecraft Dog, check out this tutorial: How to Tame a Wolf Minecraft

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know a little more about having a Minecraft dog, hopefully, you will be able to achieve this with hardly any effort! Having a furry companion on your strolls into the woods is always nice. You never know what you might discover together!