Photo: EA UFC 4 Update

Is UFC 4 Cross Platform? Answered

EA has been developing the most popular MMA Video Game since 2014. From UFC 4 being released in 2020, there has been a lot of hype with the multiplayer. knowingly, many users are wondering, Will UFC 4 be Cross Platform?

EA has not mentioned this very much which may be confusing to some players. Luckily, we have been able to find the long-awaited answers to update this question. 

Let’s take a look at what our options are for cross platform on UFC 4, along with possible other options when it comes to cross platform for this popular game. 

Is UFC 4 Cross Platform? 

No, UFC 4 is still not available for cross platform. Since the game was released in 2020, this makes it more extremely unlikely for the update. Along with this, EA seems to be very reluctant to make their old games cross platform.

So, will they update the game in the future? There are not very many hopes of this, considering the game is not even available on PC, along with the lack of in-game purchases, it makes cross platform very difficult. 

One thing we can look forward to though is the ability to have a boost of FPS to be able to play through the newer consoles. Although there is no newer version created for the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. 

What are the Cross Platform Options for UFC 4?

Since UFC 4 is also not playable through PC, there are some ways in which the game is playable. Below is a clearer picture of what should be available for consoles today.


UFC 4 is available on Xbox One through the Xbox Series X/S consoles. The game has been available for Xbox since the release in 2020.

 Unfortunately, the game cannot be cross progression. With this, the progress created from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series X or S would be complete from the beginning, with no saves. 

All in all, Cross-generation is also not available. Meaning, play with friends from the same generation of console or on the same console in which you are also playing the game through. 


Similarly with the Xbox, PS4 and PS5 players have no more luck. Cross progression and Cross generation are both not compatible with Playstation consoles.

Along with this, in order to play with other users, they all must have the same generation of console. So, no to PS4 to PS5 multiplayer. Along with Playstation to Xbox, if you want to play with other users, it must be PS4 to PS4 or PS5 to PS5. 

Will UFC 4 Ever Be Cross Platform?

Will UFC 4 ever be cross platform in the future? Since the game has been out for two years already, there are also rumors for a UFC 5 in 2023. it is highly unlikely that UFC 4 will have any updates with cross-context based additions.