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Fortnite Anime Skin: The Craze for Goku

The Fortnite anime skin of the year is probably going to Goku. If you didn’t know much about Dragon Ball or Fortnite, you probably saw a thing or two on it through social media, YouTube, Twitch or any other big platform.

The Epic Games battle royale has been the home to some of the most interesting collabs and cosmetics over the years. We’ve seen brands such as Jordan and the real John Wick character make appearances there. But Epic just hit a home run with its latest collab/event, Fortnite x Dragon Ball.

Fortnite Anime Skin of the Year?

Fortnite features numerous anime skins for players to buy or unlock through the Battle Pass. But the Goku introduction a few weeks back likely brought in tons of money for Epic Games.

The introduction of the Dragon Ball characters came out of nowhere. Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma all saw their debut in the battle royale arena. But Goku was easily the most popular character of the bunch.

Goku has repeatedly saved the universe in Dragon Ball and he happens to be in many of the episodes. Vegeta is a popular character as well. But the release of the characters turned the battle royale matches into a Goku festival.

Dragon Ball Event

Fortnite did everything it could to attract all Dragon Ball fans to this limited-time event. Not only did they introduce four characters, including some of the strongest and most popular ones. But they also made the matches a lot more interesting by adding a combat technique known as the Kamehameha to the game.

Fortnite is a battle royale game where weapons are the main way to survive. But this event brought that game changing technique. One well placed blast into an opponent and it was bye bye. The move even allows for opposing players to counter fast and do a Kamehameha of their own.

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Back To Fortnite

We don’t know the exact numbers of the event but this likely brought in millions for Epic. The best part is that it also seemed to have brought back some of the players that had moved on or simply didn’t play the battle royale game as much anymore.

The Goku craze was all over YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms. Big streamers such as Critikal, RDC, and others got on the game just to check out the Dragon Ball event. Critikal did really well with the Kamehameha, eliminating several opponents along the way. RDC was on with part of the group, like in the old days of Fortnite. It was quite interesting seeing many streamers return to the game.

What’s the Next Big Event For Fortnite?

Fortnite’s battle royale is the king of collabs and events. Previous seasons have seen some really popular characters join the arena. But the latest event has everyone wondering what they could do next.

Fortnite’s DBZ event came out nowhere so we can never rule out another big collab. But this one will be very difficult to beat. In the past, we’ve seen Thanos, John Wick, Black Widow, Batman, Joker, and many other characters join the game. We’ve also seen brands, sports leagues, concerts, and films join the mix.

The rumors are currently pointing to a Destiny 2 crossover event. Now that’s a bit random but so was having Dragon Ball and most of the previous events. But that’s also what makes Fortnite so fun and unique.

Destiny 2 isn’t the only one on the Fortnite rumors section though. A couple of weeks ago, rumors had Eminem coming to the battle royale game as part of a concert. Concerts are nothing new in the game as artists such as Marshmello and J-Balvin have made limited-time appearances to entertain players. The Eminem rumors come after reports of players hearing songs of the artist through the in-game radio.

Fortnite is available as a free-to-play game on PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile, Switch, and PC.