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Parfait Cookie Toppings Build

In this article, we will be going to feature another support-type cookie. It was one of the popular healer cookies in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom named Parfait Cookie toppings.

Even though this cookie is clearly not a healer-type cookie but a support type, some of its abilities were healing cookies in the team, which is why it is one of the most used healer cookies in the game.

Using a support type of cookie as a healer is common in the game. It is because many support cookies in the game cookie run kingdom have a healing ability. In addition to the healing ability, most support cookies can add some buff to another cookie in the team.

Before we go to the main part of this article which is the best topping for parfait cookies, let us first familiarize its skill. Knowing its skill is very important in choosing the best topping. For us to know what kind of ability we are going to amplify by the use of toppings.


parfait cookie skill

Skill Description: Grabs the microphone and belts her heart out. Touched by the earnest and sincere song, all allies will recover some HP and receive a buff that increases DEF and resistance to debuff.

Skill Effects
15-second cooldown
Healing: 14.4% of attacks every 1.0 second over 7.0 seconds(+0.2% Healing per level)
Defence Buff: +10.0% Defense for 7.0 seconds
Debuff Resistance: 40.0% for 7.0 seconds

Parfait cookie is a musician; she uses her musical talents to recover some HP of her allies. Parfait cookie can do some healing in her allies and add some buff to increase their defense and debuff resistance.

Parfait’s other ability is the main reason why parfait is one of the most used healer cookies in the game. It is not an ordinary healer cookie since it also increases the defense of its teammates and makes them resistant to debuff. This ability is very effective during PVP to make all your cookies tougher and enhance their survivability in a match.

Now that we are familiar with parfait’s skills, effects, or ability, let us think of the best possible topping to amplify its skill.

Image Credit: Cookie Run Fandom

This topping is probably the best toppings choice for a parfait cookie. Remember that her skill is mainly on healing and adding buff. Make sure you can use it more often for your team to survive. Using a swift chocolate topping can dramatically decrease the cooldown of its skill. It will give you more time to save your cookie from dying during the battle by its healing ability.

A faster cooldown also means it can give its allies enough defense. Allowing them to absorb more damage without being eliminated.

Image Credit: Cookie Run Fandom

Aside from swift chocolate toppings, our second option was using a full set of solid almond toppings. During clashes, whether it is a PVP or PVE, some enemies have an area of effect damage. Those kinds of damage can greatly harm your parfait cookie, even if she is in the rearmost part of the formation.

We also know that most support cookies are not that tanky; they are often more squishy that can easily die during a hard combo from the enemies. Some cookies can bypass the formation and target the rearmost part of the formation. Parfait cookie cannot use its ability if it is the first to die in the first second of the clash.

To avoid this, we can rely on the effect of solid almond toppings. By using a full set of solid almond toppings, you can have a maximum damage resistance for your parfait, just make sure that all the toppings are at maximum level.

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Another option topping for parfait is the juicy apple jelly toppings. This topping can increase the critical chance of your parfait cookie. But we all know that parfait can’t damage its enemies since its skills are just to heal its allies and add some buff.

Well, we can notice that her healing ability is based on the attack percentage of a parfait. Her attack refers to its healing ability. If you use a juicy apple jelly it will have a critical chance that converted to its healing ability. It means that when her skill activates crit, it can deal more healing to its allies.

parfait cookie

Collecting Soulstone

If you like parfait to add to your team, you can collect twenty pieces of parfait cookie soulstone. Twenty soulstone is the minimum amount used to summon the cookie. There are a few ways how to collect some soulstone that I will mention below this line.

Dark Mode World Exploration

One of the free ways to obtain a parfait soul stone is by completing a world exploration. I’m not referring to the story mode world exploration since there is no chance to get a parfait soul stone there. The only way to get a soul stone is by clearing a dark mode of world exploration.

For parfait soulstone, you need to clear stages 12-30 and stages 14-15 to have a chance to get one. Obtaining soulstone from dark-mode world exploration does not guarantee that you can always get one. Soul stone is one of the rewards you can get from clearing the stages, and obtaining one is based only on chance.


The best way and easiest way to get parfait cookies are through gatcha. You just need to buy a lot of crystals using real money and do some gatcha. For free play, you can get a lot of crystal from completing stages and some game modes in the game. You can also participate in the kingdom arena and get some crystals as a reward.