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Squid Ink Cookie Toppings Build and Guide

Squid Ink cookie is the mighty slapper in the game cookie run the kingdom. Just recently, squid ink cookies received a magic candy that made them more powerful than ever.

This cookie can slap you to death. it can deal a huge amount of damage from its skill and make it more dangerous with the help of its magic candy.

In this article, let me give you some useful information about the squid ink cookie. Its story, its skill, magic candy, and the best squid ink cookie toppings that you can use.

Before we dive into our best squid ink cookie toppings, let us first know some basic info about them. For us to have an idea of what are the best topping that we can use, we need to know more about its skills and ability.


squid ink cookie story

Game Description: Squid Ink Cookie came out of the oven not even a little bit crispy. Maybe that’s because of all the vicious ink inside! The Cookie was found floating along the seashore, all weak and confused. There is a theory that this Cookie is the legendary treasure-eating sea monster that attacked treasure ships, hungry for more gold. But Squid INk cookie can’t remember anything of that and spends all the time oozing blackish inky tears.

Skill and Effects

Ink Tentacle (Skill Name)

Ink tencle, squid ink cookie skill

Skill Description: Where did the Squid Ink cookie go? And what is this giant squid doing here?! The monster is about to make anyone flat as a cookie with a series of rapid slaps dealing area damage.

Skill Effects
16 seconds base cooldown
Single hit DMG: 37.4% (+0.4-0.5% DMG per level)

Squid Ink Cookie is once a ferocious sea monster. When using their skills, they transform into their true form. A giant squid that slaps its enemies. Those slaps cause area damage.

Magic Candy

As I’ve mentioned, squid ink has received its magic candy. It gives them a new ability and amplifies their skill which can cause more damage to the enemies.

Abyssal Tentacle

Magic Candy Description: Squid Ink cookie calls upon the power of the abyss and deals area damage with regular attacks, reducing the enemies’ DEF (except bosses). Does even more tentacles slaps when using the skill? Deals extra damage to foes inflicted with the DEF reduction debuff.

Magic Candy Effects
16 seconds base cooldown
Ink tentacle slap: +3 slaps, a total of 10 slaps
Extra skill DMG for cookies: 5.0%
Extra Skill DMG other creatures: 16.6%
Defense reduction for enemies: -20.0% for 10.0 Seconds; stack up 1X
Extra damage to defenses reduced target: +15.0%

.The magic candy of Ink squid cookie makes this character overpowered. It adds three slaps from its regular skill, which adds more damage to the enemies from its skill. The magic candy also adds a percentage of skill damage.

But not just that, since the magic candy allows them to reduce the defense of their enemies based on the number of slaps they received from the squid ink cookie. It means that the more squid ink hits the target with its slaps, the more defense reduction will affect their enemies, which is scary in a PVP.

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Image Credit: Cookie Run Fandom

The main purpose of squid ink cookies is to deal a high amount of damage to the enemies. Their magic candy is to add more effects and damage from its skill. When choosing the best squid ink cookie toppings, we need a topping that can amplify their damage even more.

The best toppings that can increase their damage its the searing raspberry toppings. This topping can increase its attack power. Make sure you use a full set of searing raspberries to maximize its ATK attribute. By using a full set of raspberry it has also an additional attribute that is useful for your cookie.

Image Credit: Cookie Run Fandom

Another topping that you can use for squid ink cookie was the swift chocolate cookie. This topping can decrease the time of your skill cooldown. Remember that aside from the damage that squid ink cookie can deal. It also has some debuff effects that reduce the defense of anyone that has been hit by squid ink cookie.

By decreasing its skill cooldown your squid ink can decrease more and more of the enemy’s defense. And with the help of the other cookie in the squad, it is much easier to deal a crazy amount of damage in one combo.


obtained cookie through gatcha

The easiest way to get squid ink cookie is no other than gatcha. By doing some gatcha it has a higher chance of getting one. But you need to prepare yourself before doing some gatcha. You need to be ready to spend a lot of money if you are unlucky when doing gatcha. But if it is your lucky day, who knows, you might get the squid ink cookie with just a few draws.

If you are free to play, you can just gather about 36000+ of crystal and you can surely get one squid ink cookie.

Exchange Mileage Coins through Soul Stone

obtained cookie through milliage shop

After spending about 36,000+ of crystal and still unsuccessful in getting squid ink cookie. Don’t worry since spending 36,000+ crystals will surely give you enough mileage points to buy squid ink cookie soul stone.

You will just need to buy twenty squid ink soulstone and your good, you can summon the cookie and use it for your team. If you have more mileage points much better since you can buy more soulstone that you can use to upgrade the cookie to make it stronger.

Dark Mode Exploration

world exploration cookie run kingdoms

There is also another way of collecting squid ink soulstone aside from mileage points. You can try to clear a world exploration dark mode. There’s a certain chance that you can get its soul stone as a reward after clearing stages 12-21 and stages 14-24.

Note that obtaining soulstone from dark mode world exploration is only my chance. It will not guarantee that you can get soulstone every time you clear the stage.