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Licorice Cookie: Toppings, Skills, And How To Obtain

Licorice cookie is one of the characters in the game Cookie Run: Kingdoms, and if you want to know more about this cookie, we will give you everything you need to know about it, like the best toppings, skills, and how to obtain it.

licorice cookie

Let us start with the basic info about the Licorice Cookie, its rarity, its type, and its stories in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom.


Licorice is a kind of cookie that belongs to the epic rarity, meaning it is more powerful than some rare and common cookies. Since the cookie is epic, you can expect that his cookie is harder to obtain than lower rarity-cookies.


This cookie is a magic type, and based on its appearance; it looks like it is a kind of wizard obsessed with black magic. As magic-type cookies, you can expect this character to deal a huge amount of damage to enemies.


Like from its appearance, Licorice is a wizard practitioner of black magic; this cookie has its Licorice servant. During her dark part, he meets Dark Enchantress Cookie, a cookie responsible for all the chaos in the land of Earth bread.

Upon meeting the Dark Enchantress cookie, Licorice becomes one of his followers and works hard day and night to earn his mistress’s favor.


Licorice’s position is mainly in the middle since this cookie is a long-range kind of cookie and one of the main damage dealers in the party; it is recommended that you use a good tank to protect your Licorice cookie.

As a magic-type cookie, Licorice can deal a huge amount of damage to enemies, but there are some special about its skills, let’s take a look at its skills and effects.

Licorice Servants

Summon powerful black lightning and licorice servants. The potent spell briefly increases the party’s defense. Licorice servants are resistant to certain movement-interrupting effects. If the skill is used before the summons Licorice servants disappear, new additional Licorice servants are summoned.

Skill Effects

  • 14 seconds base cooldown
  • Damage dealt: 239.0% (+3.3% DMG per level)
  • Summons Licorice servants with 5% ATK, 150% DEF, and 50% HP
  • Increase the party’s defense +20.0% DEF for 7.0 seconds

What is special about this skill was it deals damage to the enemies, gives a buff that adds defense to its party, and summons Licorice servants. These servants are useful in absorbing damage from the opponents; it is a good way to reduce some damage from your opponents, especially if you are playing PVE.

licorice cookie toppings

For the toppings, since this cookie is a magic type, we can expect that a magic-type cookie is a good damage dealer.

Searing Raspberry

Some pro players recommend using a searing raspberry topping to amplify its damage against enemies in both PVP and PvE; just make sure you have a good tank and healer to support your damage dealer in a lineup.

Swift Chocolate

Some other players also recommend using Swift Chocolate toppings; this topping will decrease its cooldown drastically, a faster skill cooldown means the higher the damage it can deal to your enemies, and in addition to that, you can summon more Licorice cookies that can deal additional damage to enemies and can also serve as a tank in your party by absorbing some damage from your enemy.

If you want this cookie, here are some ways to get your Licorice Cookie.

The easiest way to get a Licorice cookie is by cookie gatcha, although gatcha is kinda bit non-free to play since you will need to spend some real money to get a higher chance of obtaining the Licorice Cookie.

Free to play method

But if you don’t want to spend money on the game, just make sure you save some crystals that you earn from the mission; you will need a couple of thousands of crystals to spend on a gatcha.

If you have been playing Cookie run: Kingdom for a while, you already know the drill 300 crystals for one draw and 3000 crystals for ten draws.

Gatcha is based only on the lack.

The outcome is based on your luck, and it is not guaranteed that you will get a Licorice cookie for spending 3000 crystals; you might get it for more or less; that’s why I suggest saving thousands of crystals before performing some gatcha.

Obtain From Milliage Shop

Another way to get Licorice cookies is through the Milliage shop; remember doing some gatcha for free? If you’ve been playing Cookie run: kingdoms for a couple of months, I’m pretty sure you already did some gatcha.

In every gatcha, you will earn some Milliage coins, and those points can be used to get your Licorice cookie. Just head to the Village shop and find the soul stone for the Licorice cookie, though this is not that easy if you don’t have sufficient Mlliage coins.

You’ll need to get at least 20 soul stones to summon the Licorice, and one soul stone cost 100 Millige coins means you will need to have 2000 Milliage coin to complete the soul stone requirements for summoning the Licorice cookie.

Obtain Through World Exploration

The main quest in this game was composed of different levels.

To get Licorice in World exploration, you must complete the dark mode stage 7-10 and 10-27 or the world exploration master mode stage 1-5.

Completing this world exploration stage is not for those just starting to play the game since this game stage can only be clear if your level is quite higher.

This third option is not for beginners. In other words, if you’re only starting to play this game, the only options to get a Licorice cookie is through spending money on gatcha or saving some crystal for gatcha, and if you are unlucky enough to perform a gatcha, buying some soul stone using millage coin in the millage shop.

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