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Riders Republic Update: Free Weekend & More

We have a quick Riders Republic update for those waiting for the chance to play. The Ubisoft title is currently running a free weekend. PS4 and PS5 owners are extra lucky as they will have the chance to play for three more days.

Here we have all the details on the Riders Republic free weekend.

Riders Republic Update – Free Weekend

The free weekend for Riders Republic began on Thursday, Sept. 8. The free weekend launch came simultaneously for the Xbox and PS consoles. There is one major difference between both free versions; the PS side will run it for an extra three days.

PS4 and PS5 owners get the free weekend from Sept. 8 / 8 PM CET to Sept. 15 / 8 PM CET. Xbox users get the free weekend up to Sept. 12 / 8 PM CET. The official Ubisoft announcement of the free weekend confirms that Xbox users must have an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play this.

How To Play?

The free game versions can be accessed through the PS Store and the Games with Gold section. The official announcement page from Ubisoft has more details on that.

Once you have the free version on your console, you can play the game without problems. This game version will stop working if the time runs out on Sept. 15 for PS and Sept. 12 for Xbox.

The Content

This is a release worth checking out since the Ubisoft page confirms that the free version has no limits on the content. This means you can play all of the games during the free weekend. Games with free weekends usually limit players to one mode or just parts of the game. But the page mentions that the full game is available.

If you have friends playing it, you can team up and play right away. It’s pretty much the full experience but for a few days only. Players will also have the chance to buy the game, but we’ll get to that in just a second.

riders republic

Purchasing the Game and Progress

What’s cool about this free weekend release is that Ubisoft also offers discounts. This is great for those who check out the game and like it enough to spend money on it. The official announcement mentions that the game is available for up to 67 percent off on PS and Xbox consoles.

Even better, the progress will immediately carry over if you decide to purchase the game. This means you can continue your experience without starting over again.

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Riders Republic – Release, Modes & More

Riders Republic debuted across several platforms, including the Xbox One and PS4, in October 2021. The game has decent to good reviews, including a 7 out of 10 from Destructoid and a 77/100 on Metacritic for the PS5 release.

The multiplayer sports game offers four main activities, skiing, wingsuit flying, snowboarding, and mountain biking. The game also offers a career mode, where players compete in Bike Racing, Wingsuit, and other activities.

Its big attraction is the multiplayer, though. The mode puts up to 64 players in a competition, but the old-gen consoles only support around 20 players. Most of the maps take place in a mix of national parks in the US.

Free Weekends

Free weekends are nothing new nowadays. Every month, we see one or two games go free for a limited time. The Riders Republic update is among several that will be free throughout the week. Madden 23 is also having a free-to-play weekend. The NFL regular season began on Thursday with a game between the Super Bowl champs LA Rams and the Buffalo Bills.

On the PC side, gamers are getting Crusader Kings III and Hundred Days. The Crusader Kings III trial will be available on Steam until Sept. 12, while Hundred Days is an Epic Games Store offers. This means it will remain in your digital library if you claim it during the free promotion.

There is much to play during the weekend, especially on the sports side. Have fun!