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Search Mission Tarkov: How To Complete Quest

Search Mission Tarkov is one of the many quests available in Escape From Tarkov. The quest has three objectives that sound difficult but aren’t. Here is a full guide on what to do for this quest.

Let’s get it started.

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Search Mission Tarkov

The Search Mission in Escape From Tarkov can be found through Prapor. He is a character available through the game, and the only requirement for this quest is to be level five. This is not a big requirement, but just know that it won’t be available to you immediately if you are new to the game.

The Main Objectives

Let’s get to the main objectives of the mission. First, there are three, and they are quite simple to find once you know where to go on the map. These are the three things you have to do to complete the mission:

  • Find the convoy on the Woods section of the map. The convoy belongs to Prapor and is missing.
  • The second objective is to find a temporary USEC camp.
  • The third and final objective is to remain alive on the extract at Prapor’s convoy.

As you can see, there is nothing that difficult here. Just find some places and remain alive for the extract.

The rest of the guide will provide the details on completing the whole thing. We’ll give directions and name-specific items and structures to help you locate the objectives much faster.

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The Start

The first thing you have to do in this quest is to find the road connecting to the map’s Lumber Mill section. After that, follow the road, and you will eventually find an area with a bunch of logs and a truck. It is hard to miss since many logs are sitting there.

Continue down that road, and it will lead you to the second objective of the mission. You will know you are close when you see an electric tower in the distance. The tower is not the place you have to go. But if you look to the road, you’ll see that about halfway, there are some bins. They are almost out of the road; the only thing is outside trees and power lines. Very hard to miss.

If you look to the right at the bins, you will see a hill. Go up the hill, and you will come across a big rock. Keep going, and you will find a camp and a truck. The temporary USEC camp objective will be done once you get there. You don’t have much to go after this objective.

The Last Part

Prapor’s convoy is very close to the camp you just found. The convoy is sitting on the other side of that hill. When you’re at the camp, stand near the edge of the hill, and see a lake. Make your way down and keep walking until you spot the convoy. The truck is near the trees.


The last requirement is to survive the extract. Once you survive the extract, you will immediately receive the rewards. There are seven of them for this quest.

Rewards for Completing the Quest

Completing the Search Mission will give out some decent rewards for players. Here we have the full list of the rewards:

  • 1x Woods Plan Map.
  • +2,800 EXP.
  • Prapor rep +0.02.
  • 1x EYE MK.2 professional compass.
  • 23,100 Roubles – Intelligence Center Level 1.
  • 25,300 Roubles – Intelligence Center Level 2.
  • 22,000 Roubles.

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