how to get mewtwo in pokemon go

How To Get Mewtwo In Pokemon Go: All the Methods

How to get Mewtwo in pokemon go is a popular search among fans of the mobile release. Most think it is impossible, but there are a few methods to get the famous Pokemon.

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Here’s how Mewtwo can be caught in Pokemon Go:


Before we start the methods, let’s talk about why Mewtwo is so popular in the game and why so many players want to have the Pokemon on their roster. The answer is simple, Mewtwo has been a legend from the start. Mewtwo shows up during the first intro and appears in the first film.

Mewtwo’s popularity in a game isn’t new, either. The famous Pokemon was part of the first releases on the Game Boy handhelds, and many did everything to get him. There were glitches, trades, and rumors about what to do to make the Pokemon appear.

Mewtwo is a legend, and he is no different in Pokemon Go. Players want to have the Pokemon and while it sounds difficult, there are several ways.

How To Get Mewtwo In Pokemon Go

This legendary Pokemon can be available at any time. There is no exact date when the Pokemon will appear on mobile again. One of the ways is Raids, a system that features a rotation of the best Pokemons.

Getting updates on everything coming to the mobile game is the best way. Raids happen often, but the Pokemons available are different. If you don’t know where to find the latest on the mobile game, you can just search for news or join Reddit sections and Discord servers. They will, for sure, alert players on Raids and the Pokemons available.


Raid Schedule

Here is a Raid schedule for those looking to catch some Pokemons this month. The page doesn’t appear to have Mewtwo as one of the Pokemons coming through Raids. But this is still some good information for those looking for specific Pokemons. The page also provides the best ways to face these Raid Pokemons.

A different method that doesn’t work all the time is through the Team Rocket Special Research tasks. The tasks, available to all players over level 8, will allow you to earn a Super Rocket Radar. This unlock will let you face the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni, and allow you to go for a Shadow Legendary Pokemon.

Why is Mewtwo part of the Team Rocket tasks? Well, the legendary Pokemon is the creation of Team Rocket. The Pokemon is often described as a clone and is one of the villains of the first Pokemon film. His abilities and strength are seen throughout the movie. The most recent appearance by Mewtwo came in the live-action animated film Detective Pikachu. Mewtwo is also among the characters of the Super Smash Bros games.

Like the Raids, this one is about rotations, so there is no exact date on when it could happen. Stay updated through the various news sections to know what Giovanni will have for the quests.

Trades With Other Players

Trades with other players have been available since the very first Pokemon releases. Back then, players had to use the link cable to connect their Game Boys and complete the trade. The process was easy, but not everybody had the Pokemon, so it was still rare to have Mewtwo early, especially at a high level.

In Pokemon Go, the process is about the same but without the link cable. You can find a friend with the Pokemon and trade him or her for it. The difference between the Game Boy titles and Pokemon Go is that the Niantic release does not allow the Pokemon to be sent back. Once it’s sent, the move cannot be undone.

Finding a friend with the Mewtwo is difficult since obtaining this Pokemon is mostly about luck and being up to date with the mobile game. But some people have multiple since they have been playing for years.

Good luck with your search for the legendary Pokemon. Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android.

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