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Splitgate Player Count: How Many Are On Now

The Splitgate player count is difficult to know exactly, but the internet provides some information on how many people are playing. The Steam chart and the top download lists from companies behind consoles and their digital stores give us a small idea of how the game is doing regarding player count.

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Here is what we know of the player count of the multiplayer video game Splitgate:

Splitgate Player Count In 2022

Splitgate seems to have lost some popularity this year. The Steam chart for the title shows that a little over 1,000 people were playing the game 11 minutes ago. The 24-hour peak is exactly 1,335. That is extremely low when compared to the all-time peak of 67,724. Yes, those two are very different since one shows how many have played on Steam in the last 24 hours.

The other shows the maximum number of players at one point. The all-time peak came to a while back, in August 2021. Since then, the game has seen a big decline in player count, with small increases at some points.

splitgate player count

If we compare the all-time of August and September, you’ll see a big difference. August 2021 saw nearly 68,000 players at once. The following month, the Steam chart recorded nearly 35,000. The numbers are great for any title, but a massive decline came after that month. The peak of October was a little less than 10,000. What’s the peak now? The last 30 days show just 1,677 players.

The last big percentage gain, according to Steam, came during June. At that time, the game saw a peak of 2,777 players. The numbers represented an 84.3 and 6.18 percent gain from the previous month.

There are no exact numbers on the PlayStation side since Sony does not release them. We can instead try to get an idea through the top downloads of the store post that is made on the PlayStation Blog every month. Splitgate has not appeared in any of them for the free-to-play genre this year. The last time it did was in Nov. 2021, barely making a list with the tenth spot.

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Splitgate’s Success In 2021

Splitgate arrived on consoles just last year, and it immediately took off. Players left whatever game they were on to download Splitgate. The free-to-play title immediately saw a large player count on consoles. The rise in players brought problems to the game since it couldn’t handle all the people attempting to get into it. Long queues were reported, but the Splitgate team later solved those issues.

So what made the game so successful on its launch? Most action games nowadays involve some sort of battle royale or elimination mode. Splitgate went a different route with its release. Players on PC were already aware of the game’s super fun concept since it had been available for a few years. But to console owners, it was a breath of fresh air.

Splitgate is an action game often described as a combination of Halo and Portal. Players have several modes to choose from, like the standard Team Deathmatch or Domination. The modes are fun, but they are not any different from other games, such as Call of Duty. The concept of portals is what made the game so unique.

Portals, Fast Pace, and More

Opening and closing portals in most parts of the map allowed for some insane players. The option to simply set up a portal and outplay the opponent, combined with the fast-paced action brought millions of new players to the game. The arrival of consoles was also a huge win for PC players since the game saw a boost in player count through crossplay.

Splitgate is no longer posting the same numbers from its release in 2021. But 1047 Games continues bringing lots of content to the free-to-play title, which released its 7.1.1 update two weeks ago. 1047 Games CEO Ian Proulx recently discussed the studio’s interest in bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Splitgate is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.