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Among Us Colors: All the Options and Popularity

Among Us, colors are there to separate each player in the ship. But there is a little more to the options currently available in the game. This article will discuss the colors and some of the stuff floating on the internet since the game’s release.

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Among Us Colors: The Current Options

Among Us currently has 18 color options in the game’s menu. Players can select Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Red, Black, Yellow, Cyan, Brown, White, Purple, Gray, Coral, Tan, Lime, Banana, Rose, and Maroon.

The colors do not impact the gameplay; they are simply there to change your appearance in the menu, lobby, and matches. Players can easily change their color on the menu or before a match (lobby). In the lobby, players can approach a computer where they can select the color they want. Players can also pick cosmetics to go with those colors, including various hats and masks.

among us colors

Oh, and a cool little fact. Did you know that there is a color that is not really on the game? According to the Among Us Fandom Wiki, the color Fortegreen. The color was removed from the code but is sometimes still visible for a short time when joining a lobby. The page adds that the color causes numerous bugs when used.

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Among Us Color Trivia

Colors only change a character’s appearance in the game. But behind the scenes, some of these options have seen many changes or temporarily left the game.

  • There is another color that is not part of the game besides Fortegreen. That color is Olive.
  • Among Us has introduced a total of 8 new colors since its release. Lime and Cyan debuted as part of a new version of the game.
  • The rest of the colors came in through an update after the game’s release. Olive was in the race for a spot in the game, but it had a tiebreaker with Coral. The voting, which took place on Discord, ended after a day, with Coral winning and securing the final spot. It is unclear if the team will try to add more colors shortly.

Colors Do Not Decide Anything

Among Us, colors have been around for years, and people have started believing that some have a deciding factor in roles and impostors. This is simply not true; all players can be impostors, scientists, or any other role activated for that session.

Red, one of the most popular colors, is usually believed to be the impostor. The letters informing the players that they are impostors are similar to red. But that has nothing to do with being the bad guy of the round. Darker shades have also joined the belief that they are impostors. A few of the options are often in memes and promotional content. But that has nothing to do with the game’s decision to select an impostor. Cyan, Coral, and Pink can all be impostors too.

Among Us has a variety of colors to choose from, but some are simply more popular than the rest. You probably have an idea by now if you have played the game.

If you follow the official Among Us Twitter account, you have probably seen how funny, and interesting their posts are. In July 2021, the account posted a cool chart of the popularity of each color. It was no surprise to see Red in the top spot. Black was second, while White was third. Tan was last.

The Among Us color option chart was not done through votes. Developers instead used game data to determine how popular each color was.

The Among Us account even had some fun with Tan, the color that ended in last place. A tweet followed up the rankings with a consolation prize. The picture shows a Tan character inside a trophy with the words ‘First Last Place’.

Among Us is available for Android, iOS, Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC.