What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft

What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft? 2 Things to Know

Minecraft is full of passive, neutral, or aggressive mobs. Of course, those passive mobs, such as sheep and cows, tend to annoy more than any other mob. Although. It might be challenging to figure out how to gain them under your control. To put it simply, all they want is food! So what do cows eat in Minecraft? Let’s take a look!

What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?

A cow’s diet is quite simple, but for Minecraft, there are a few ways of using their dietary elements to bring them into your farm. Below we have listed some of what Minecraft cows eat and how to find these elements. 

What cows eat:

  • Grass
  • Wheat


Cows in Minecraft eat grass as their primary food source. Although there is not a way to feed the cow grass, you will constantly see them eating from the land grass available for them.

What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft

Most Minecraft world is covered in grass, except for the desert, snow, or mesa biomes. In any other biome, it is very common to find those green patches of earth covering the ground like a carpet. If you have a farm, cows can eat grass until it turns into a dirt block, so it is important to try replenishing these blocks with fresh grassy blocks now and again. 


The secondary substance acts as a drug for any cows in your Minecraft world. Wheat can be grown from seeds and harvested once turning a golden-brown color. Wheat is best to be grown in a separate area away from the cows, so you don’t have any followers when harvesting. 

what do cows eat in minecraft

Once harvested and placed into your inventory, wheat can be used as a treat for cows, to breed, or to create a connection with you and the cow. If you hold wheat in your left or right hand, cows will follow you to eat the tasty wheat. This is a great way to lead cows into your fenced-in farm or barn to breed them for later supplies such as leather, steaks, or milk. 

If you want to know how to feed a Minecraft cow, check out this tutorial: How to Feed Animals in Minecraft!

Cows are one of the most passive mobs in Minecraft. They provide a great source of food and leather and don’t usually pose much of a threat to players. But what do cows eat in Minecraft? The grass is the main food source for cows in Minecraft. They will happily munch on grass blocks and tall grass and ferns. Cows will also eat wheat, hay bales, and other crops.

Cows will usually only attack players if they are provoked. However, baby cows (calves) can be aggressive and attack players without provocation. If you’re planning on killing a cow for meat or leather, it’s best to do so with a weapon that won’t anger other mobs nearby.

When killed, cows will drop beef, leather, and occasionally milk. Beef is a great food source, and leather can be used to make armor and other items. Milk can be used to tame wolves and heal babies (known as villagers in Minecraft).

So, there you have it! That’s everything you need to know about cows in Minecraft. Be sure to keep an eye out for these helpful mobs when exploring the world of Minecraft.

Wrapping Up

Besides wheat and grass, cows do not eat any other block or substance from Minecraft. Keeping these peaceful beasts is beneficial for anyone, as milking the cow is a key ingredient in many recipes. While the cow himself cannot enjoy the milk, the player sure can!

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