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Cocoa Cookie Toppings, Skills, And Effects

Cocoa Cookie is a character from Cookie Run: Kingdom that can’t produce a huge amount of damage. But this cookie can still be a good choice to include in your squad; for this reason, this Cookie has a healing ability that you can’t find in other tank cookies.

In this article, I will give information about Cocoa Cookie toppings, their skills, and how to get one. I will also explain why this Cookie is a great add-on to your squad.

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Cocoa Cookies Info

cocoa cookie story

Cocoa Cookies Story (Game Description)

Even if her dough is 80% cocoa, she’s always sipping hot cocoa, even during the summertime. Her marshmallow hat is so deliciously sweet she must resist the temptation of taking a chunk out of it and dipping it into her cup. Her plump, smooth cheeks just add to her charm! When she indulges in a freshly prepared cup of cocoa, all her worries melt away.

Her story is about how sweet and calm Cocao Cookie is. Who would have thought that a sweet and calm cookie could take serious damage from its opponents? she might be calm, but his ability is good for her squad PVP or even PVE.


Cocoa Cookies are a defense type of cookie. Her purpose is not to inflict serious damage to their enemy but to absorb some damage and protect the squad. A cocoa cookie also has some abilities that I will mention later.


If you are unaware of the bonds, it is like a codex, a term used in some other games. You must collect a certain cookie to get an additional buff applied to all your cookies. Cocoa Cookies have some bond to other cookies. Try to complete the greedy dragon member to get additional buff for your cookies.

Greedy Dragons Members

  • Cocoa Cookies
  • Tea Knight Cookie
  • Eclair Cookie
  • Snow Sugar Cookie
  • Cotton Cookie
cocoa cookie skill

Cocoa Is love (Skill Name)

Game Description: Cocoa Cookie jumps into a giant cocoa mug and happily spins around for a given time, attacking the enemies. At the same time, Cocoa Cookie restores the HP for all his allied cookies except for the summoned creatures and makes them immune to stunning. While Cocoa cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. Cocoa Cookie’s regular attack will heal 3 allies (target cookie first) with the lowest HP.

Skill Effect

Single Hit DMG44.0%
Healing45.1% of ATK
Stun Immunity 8.0 sec

Cocoa Cookie is a defense cookie whose purpose is to protect its squad by absorbing damage before it hits other squad members; what is even more special about Cocoa as it not only absorbs damage but also heals its teammate. When using the skill of a Cocoa cookie, she jumps into a giant mug and spins rapidly.

As it keeps spinning, it keeps pushing the enemy away from its teammate and heals her teammate simultaneously. In addition, Cocoa Cookies also adds some buff when using its skill; the squad will be immune to any kind of stun effect, which is beneficial in PVP and PVE.

Certain stages in the PVE in which some mobs will continuously stun your cookie. Those stages might be hard to clear, especially if your power does not have a huge gap to the mobs. The healing ability of Cocoa Cookie plus stuns immunity will play a huge role in clearing those stages.

This skill and ability will also play a huge part in PVP; imagine when you face a team that can perform a lot of stun effects against your team. When being stun, your Cookie can’t do anything to protect themselves; stun immunity will save your team from the notorious stun effect.

Aside from its skill that can perform some healing to its squad, Cocoa Cookie’s normal attack cant does any damage to its enemy. Instead, Cocoa Cookie stands in the front while continuously healing all the cookies from its squad.

cocoa cookie toppings

Now that you know its skills and ability, let us proceed to the recommended Cocoa Cookie toppings to amplify its skills and ability.

Solid Almond Toppings

Solid almonds are one of the two recommended toppings for Cocoa Cookie. Remember that Cocoa Cookie’s normal attack was only to heal herself and the whole squad. The solid almond topping’s Damage resistance will increase her survival ability by absorbing more damage while continuously healing the whole squad.

Swift Chocolate

Aside from the solid almond toppings, it is also recommended to use swift chocolate toppings; this topping will boost its skill cooldown. Decreasing her skill cooldown means you can use her skill more often and benefits more from its healing skill and stun-resistant buff.

Like some other characters in Cookie Run: Kingdoms, there are certain ways to get Cocoa Cookie. I will provide the possible way to get Cocoa Cookies.


One of the obvious ways to get Cocoa Cookie is by Gatcha. You might already know the requirements for doing gatcha in the game. You will need to spend 300 crystals for one draw in the gatcha and 3000 crystals for ten times draw.

When doing some gatcha, there is no absolute answer on how many crystals you need to use to get the cookie that wants. Based on my experience, gatcha in this game was based on pure luck compared to other games that only reward spender players.

Collecting Soul Stone

Like I’ve always said, if you are unlucky enough to get your target cookie in gatcha, there is an alternative to get this cookie. You can collect Soulstone and piece it together to summon the Cocoa cookie.

You can use the Mileage points on your Mileage shop, each soulstone costs 100 mileage coins, and you will need to collect twenty Cocoa Cookie Soulstone to get your very first Cocoa Cookie.

I hope you will get your first Cocoa cookie in the game; good luck and happy gaming.

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