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Sparkling Cookie: Recommended Sparkling Cookie Toppings

Sparkling Cookie is a healer cookie that you might include in your team when playing Cookie Run: Kingdoms. In this article, we will talk about everything we need to know about Sparkling Cookies, from its story, Sparkling Cookie toppings, builds, and how to get one.

Sparkling Cookie Story (Game Description)

sparkling cookie story

This is the day! You have received an invitation to the famous Sparkling Party. Sparkling Cookie greets you personally with a dazzling smile and offers a glass of Sparkling Juice. All guests are fascinated with their impeccable manners and look at his boyish rolled-up sleeves and bouncy bubble hair. It is going to be the best holiday party ever!

Based on its storyline, we can tell that Sparkling cookie has fun personality and is a well-manned cookie that loves serving everyone during the party.

In addition to that, Sparkling Cookie is like a bartender with a pleasant personality. They even said that he looks in the mirror to practice his smiles every time before opening his juice bar.

This cookie also appears in the tropical island story, and a game mode players can unlock. In the game mode story, Sparkling cookie appears as the main cast in the BOO Halloween masquerades story and serves as a host of a custom contest.


In terms of rarity, sparkling cookies belong to the epic rarity type, a powerful kind of cookie. it is harder to get compared to some rare cookies, but it can still be obtained by chance without spending real money.


This Cookie is a healing type which is a must type of cookie to include in every party, whether it is PVE or PVP.

Since this is a rare cookie, we can expect that he can add more HP to his allied cookie compared to some rare healers like custard cookies, his skills are also quite special compared to custard cookies, which I will explain later.

Sparkling Cocktail

Throws refreshing healing cocktails at two allies with the lowest HP. The cocktail’s divine aroma raises the whole squad’s morale increasing their critical strike chance.

Sparkling cookies throw a healing cocktail at two allies with the lowest HP, it is the same healing ability that custard cookie has, but since this is an epic cookie it has a higher based heal compared to custard cookie.

What’s even more special about his cookie was it also gave a buff to the whole squad.

Its’s skill can also increase the critical strike chance of its whole party, which is beneficial to boost the damage that your squad can deal.

Just make sure that you include some damage-type cookies in the squad.

When it comes to toppings, most veteran players recommend using a topping called “Swift Chocolate” why? Because Sparkling cookie is a healer kind of cookie, his main purpose was to heal all of its squad.

As a healer cookie, he is responsible for supporting the defense type of cookies by giving enough HP. This will help a lot to absorb some damage from the enemies. The Swift Chocolate toppings will decrease its skill cooldown.

It means that he can use his skill very often with the help of the Swift Chocolate cookie topping. I recommend you use not just one Swift chocolate topping but full Swift chocolate (X5).

I know it is hard for beginners to do full swift chocolate toppings, but make sure to complete it as you progress in the game.

In addition, this topping decreases the cooldown of its skill (which can help cast more healing). It also means that your whole party will benefit from the additional critical strike chance from the skill of Sparkling Cookie.

If you like its appearance, skills, and effect, you might be considered getting a sparkling cookie as a healer for your squad. If you are interested in obtaining one, there are several ways to get sparkling cookies in the game Cookie run: kingdom.


The very first way to get this cookie is through gatcha. You can get sparkling cookies by chance in cookie gatcha. This epic cookie was harder to obtain but not impossible, even from free-to-play.

Kinds Of Gatcha

There are three kinds of gatcha in this game the normal gotcha, the special gatcha, and the event gatcha.

The cookie gatcha is the normal gatcha; you can get sparkling cookies in normal gatcha using crystals. You will need 300 crystals for 1 draw and 3000 for 10; the result is based on your luck.

Special Gatcha

In this gatcha, you can obtain a featured cookie with (a newly released cookie). Doing this gatcha is more likely to get the featured cookie than the normal one. Because in this gatcha, the featured cookie has a higher possibility than the normal cookie, although there is still a chance that you can get your sparkling cookie doing special gatcha.

Event Gatcha

In the event of gatcha, there is a certain cookie that you can obtain by chance (a special kind of cookie). Event gatcha is different from the rest of the gatcha since you cannot use the crystal for the draw. Instead, you will need to use special items that you can purchase using real money or can be obtained by completing a quest.

This gatcha doesn’t appear in the game more frequently, but when it has, there is a chance you can get a Sparkling Cookie.

Mileage Shop

Like other cookies, you can also get a Sparkling cookie by using your hard earn Mileage coin; if you keep doing gatcha, even if you spend money or not, you can still earn some Mileage coins that you can use to buy Sparkling Cookies Soulstone.

World Exploration

Another way of getting Sparkling Cookie Soul stone is completing world exploration; you need to complete world exploration in dark mode stages 5-23 and 9-24.

So that’s it for today; if you have any suggestions feel free to write in our comment section below.

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