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Don’t Starve Together Characters: All the Options

The Don’t Starve Together characters each provide a unique experience for fans of the survival game. Hunger, Health, and Sanity are just some factors that can make or break your run in the game. Each character has strengths and weaknesses, but some are a bit better in the long run.

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Don’t Starve Together is a multiplayer spin-off of the popular indie survival game Don’t Starve. The game includes a diverse cast of playable characters, each with unique abilities and skills that you can use to help you survive in the harsh world of Don’t Starve Together.

Don’t Starve Together is a multiplayer expansion to the popular survival game Don’t Starve. In this game, players must work together to survive in a harsh and unforgiving wilderness. One of the most important aspects of Don’t Starve Together is the wide variety of playable characters available for use.

Here’s the entire lineup and their stats:

All the Don’t Starve Together Characters

Woodie: The perk for Woodie is an axe, which has durability stats up. The axe can be great since it can cut down trees much faster. Woodie also can turn into a Weregoose, Weremoose, or Werebeaver. This can be done during a full moon night or after consuming a totem. These are his stats: Sanity 200, Hunger 150, Health 150.

Wilson: The perk for Wilson doesn’t sound extremely helpful, but this is understandable since he’s the main guy you start the game with. His perk is that he can grow a large beard, which gives him insulation during the winter for a little over two minutes. Sanity 200, Hunger 150, Health 150.

Wurt: The ability to make disguises for teammates is an interesting one. She can also be friends with Merms, who can help improve stats immediately. Sanity 150 – 200, Hunger 200 – 250, Health 150 – 250.

Webber: The perk for this character is to build a beard with spider silk and the ability to be friends with spiders during a run. Webber can use his spider connections to call for help during a tough situation. The only negative is that being friends with spiders can make you an enemy of other animals. Sanity 100, Hunger 175, Health 175.

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Plenty of Options

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Wes: The abilities of Wes make him one of the least-rated Don’t Starve Together characters. His perk is inflating a balloon that inflicts damage when it explodes. That’s okay, but he’s got a few other things that make him a bit fragile compared to most characters. He takes damage quite easily, and his stats are gone in the blink of an eye. Sanity 150, Hunger 113, Health 113.

Maxwell: Maxwell may seem like a character if you only focus on his health stats. But his Sanity is quite high, and his perk is useful. He can spawn shadow puppets that can help out, and he’s also good at gathering resources. Sanity 200, Hunger 150, Health 75.

Wendy: Wendy is a really good character due to the number of things she can do. Her main ability is to spawn her dead sister, who can protect her from enemies and inflict damage on those who dare to get close. The only disadvantage of Wendy is losing her sister, which can drop her sanity to lower levels. Sanity 200, Hunger 150, Health 150.

WX-78: WX-78 has many advantages that make him a good pick overall. The best is maybe the ability to upgrade stats. What’s the weakness? Water or rain. Sanity 100 – 300, Hunger 100 – 200, Health 100 – 400.

Don’t Starve Together Characters – Weaknesses and More

Wormwood: His main perk is crafting up to four items. The other advantage of having Wormwood on your side is that it can plant seeds and gain sanity from them. The only negative is losing plants and seeing a sanity reduction. Sanity 200, Hunger 150, Health 150.

Willow: Willow comes equipped with a lighter and cannot take fire damage. The other ability? A teddy bear that increases in size and provides protection. Sanity 120, Hunger 150, Health 150.

Walter: A pet and a slingshot make Walter an interesting character. The slingshot can avoid close battles while his pet becomes a chest that can provide storage. Sanity 200, Hunger 110, Health 130.

Wolfgang: A full stomach will provide Wolfgang with more strength. The damage is solid, but he takes a lot of food to keep strong. Stats will decrease significantly when hungry. Sanity 200, Hunger 300, Health 150 – 300.

Wortox is a demon character who can consume, gain, and let go of souls. Consuming souls will help his health while letting go of them can heal himself and the rest of the group. Sanity 150, Hunger 175, Health 200.

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Support Characters Are Huge

Wanda: The abilities for Wanda can be a bit confusing, but she has it all to be in the top three best characters. First, she can completely stop death by reversing her age. Second, she inflicts more damage with age. Win-win perks for this character. Sanity 200, Hunger 175, Health 60.

Winona: Crafting her own items and going into the dark once without suffering any damage is what makes her so good. Sanity 200, Hunger 150, Health 150.

Wickerbottom: A very useful character for various reasons. She can make several things spawn immediately, including plants. Sanity 250, Hunger 150, Health 150.

Wigfrid: 25% damage boost and the ability to absorb the sanity of the dead makes her a strong character. The only negative is that she is a carnivore and that type of food isn’t easy to find during games. Sanity 120, Hunger 120, Health 200.

Warly: Warly is huge as a supporting character. He carries a slow cooker that can immediately cook special items. The food can replenish stats, which is always a plus in survival games. Sanity 200, Hunger 250, Health 150.