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Radical Red Cheats – Best Pokemon Codes

Radical Red cheats can change up the experience, especially if you’re one of those players that don’t have enough time to spend on leveling up, finding valuable items, and the many other time consuming activities found in Pokemon games.

The unique fan-made Pokemon game can be played normally or with cheats. If you want to speed things up, we recommend you to check out this guide for all the cool cheats.

Radical Red Cheats – How To Introduce Them

The process of adding cheats may look complicated but it is far from that. The cheats, available on Roms such as Visual Boy Advance and mGBA, can be put in the game in just a matter of seconds. Don’t worry about the versions, the process is nearly the same for every Rom.

The main thing you have to do is find where to introduce the cheats. Once you find that, there’s really nothing else besides putting in the codes for the cheats you want to activate. Here is what to do on the two popular ways of playing the game:

Visual Boy Advance

  • Look for the Tools option, Cheats, and then List Cheats.
  • Select the Add New Cheats button.
  • Put in the cheats you want to use during your run.
  • Click out of the window and watch the game do all the magic.
radical red


  • Look for Tools and then Cheats.
  • Paste the cheat you want in the Enter Code Here section.
  • Select Add.
  • That’s all. Click out of the window and enjoy the codes you selected.

Enjoying the Game

Pokemon can be a fun game but it requires hours and hours of leveling up and walking around. The time consuming tasks keep many players from completing the game or coming back. But the cheats here speed things up and are pretty much for the single player experience. So have fun. Here are some of the best codes:

Unlimited Money

Part of the Pokemon experience is to gain PokeDollars through the battles and other tasks. It can take hours and hours to gain a decent amount of money. But this cheat reduces the time to seconds. The code pretty much brings an infinite amount of money but if you run out, you can always activate it again. Code: 820257BC 423F, 820257BE 000F

Unlimited PP/ Power Point

Power Point is the energy that a Pokemon uses for its moves. Every move is limited to a number of PP so you can easily run out. This cheat, however, puts them all at 99. This is helpful for just going around and training your Pokemon. Code: 42023C08 6363, 00000002 0002

Infinite Items – Rare Candies and More

Some items are limited in this game and some you will only see once per save file. These codes end all of that and give you an infinite amount of them.

These codes are different than the rest, you’ll have to put in what you want, head to the nearest PokeCenter PC, and withdraw the item. You’ll have to do this process for each of the items you want. Rare Candies Code: 820257C4 0044, Master Balls: 820257C4 0001

Heading To The Elite 4 Immediately

Pokemon is all about the training and getting past the competition. You’ll encounter numerous trainers and gym battles along the way. The most important ones, the gym battles, will be your chance of earning badges. Earning all 8 will make you competition for the Elite 4, the best of the best.

Getting to the best battles takes time but you can skip all that time consuming stuff with this code. This will earn you the eight badges and the chance to face the Elite 4. If you’re somebody that does not have time or simply wants to face the best right away, this is the code to use. Code: EFCE867D 5403D40D

There’s many more codes out there but these are some of the fun and easy ones to get past the time consuming activities. Have fun.