map of subnautica below zero

Map of Subnautica Below Zero: Resource Locations

The map of Subnautica Below Zero makes the open-world survival game just as entertaining and mysterious as the first release. Subnautica is already a unique title due to its spin on the open world, focusing mostly on water exploration instead of the usual land stuff from other games. Below Zero continues, featuring a map with many locations to check out.

The 2021 sequel to Subnautica is back with more places to find and mysterious creatures to avoid. In this article, we’ll go over the places you can explore to find resources and other cool items.

Let’s go.

Map of Subnautica Below Zero


Here is the entire map made by the Reddit user The Mighty Tspoon and his team. They have even made a page to hide or show everything important on the map. This is a spoiler-free version of it. But you can check out the entire thing here.


Resources are a huge part of the underwater exploration survival game. With them, you can do things such as craft vehicles and equipment. They are not extremely difficult to find, but certain resources can only be found in some locations. Among the most important are raw materials, minerals, ores, etc.


Nickel can be found in several places and is extremely important towards the second half of the game. The material will allow you to do numerous things, including upgrading equipment and vehicles.

Subnautica: Below Zero is all about underwater exploration, so at one point, you will need to be ready for the depths of the ocean. These mysterious ocean parts will require upgrades to get you in with no problems. If you see it, pick it up because it will help at some point.

Here are some of the places where you can find Nickel:

  • Crystal Caves, Fabricator Caverns.

Remember, there are many other places, but these are some common areas you can easily get to.

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More Resources

Photo by Lorenzo Herrera


Lithium is just as important as Nickel. The resource can be found in numerous places, but you should always have enough, just in case. One of the best places to find this resource is by looking through the Purple Vents. The biome has plenty of this resource and a few other materials you will need during your journey.

Here are other places where you can find it:

  • East Artic, Tree Spires, Artic Spires, Thermal Spires.


This is also very important since it can help upgrade suits and vehicles such as the seatruck. The seatruck is extremely important since its better versions can reach depths that an unmodified version can’t.

Lead also happens to be among the resources you need to craft the Reactor Rod and Nuclear Reactor, which are equally important toward the completion of the game.

We’ll put it like this, if you have the chance to have more Leads, don’t think twice. Many more things require it, so always keep some with you.

Lead can be found in some of these places:

  • Thermal Spires, East Artic, Twisty Bridge.
below zero

Map of Subnautica Below Zero: Even More Resources


This raw material is available in many places on the map, so you should have no trouble in having an inventory with a decent amount.

One area that is easy to get to for this resource is the Glacial Basin. But don’t worry if you can’t find that spot. There are plenty of other spots, and chances are you’re randomly going to find some early on.

Magnetite is extremely important for pretty much most of the run. The resource can be of really great use for crafting things from the Habitat Builder. You can also use it to upgrade and do a few other things. Always have some.

Below Zero, the new chapter in the Subnautica universe is available for the Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 5, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Subnautica and its sequel are both free upgrades for those with the PS4 versions. The free upgrades are available on the Xbox Game Pass as well.