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4 Amazing Things You Can Buy For Real Money in Games

In the early days of the gaming industry, everything was much simpler. If you wanted to play a game, you just needed to buy your copy, and you were good to go. Eventually, you needed to purchase an expansion pack.

Today, companies have various business models. Some sell games in several editions, some sell DLCs separately, and some use season pass. You can even buy games in the early access while they are not finished and see their progress.

But, there is a business model known as microtransactions. Usually, the basic version of the game is free, but there are a lot of various in-game purchases. In this article, we will explain to you what are some of the best ways to spend real money on games.

Purchase premium content

If the game you are playing adopted a play-to-win model, you would like to buy items that will give you an advantage over other players. This is very important if you are playing competitive matches where slight improvement means the difference between win and defeat.

Usually, you can buy a better weapon with a higher clip capacity or better aim. Or you can purchase better armor with different perks. In some games, you can buy various items that give you active and passive bonuses. Some are permanent, while others last for only one round or gaming session.

Buy in-game currency

Some games allow you to exchange your real money for in-game currency. With it, you can purchase a variety of virtual goods.

You can buy new skins for your characters, unlock additional playable characters, or new sets of moves. Additionally, in some games, you will find a central hub that works like a bank, where you can lend or borrow in-game currency.

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Gamble on outcome

If you are an e-sports fan, you know that those games can be found on betting platforms. You can place a bet on your favorite team and cash in on the faith you put in them.

Additionally, you can bet on the outcomes of popular online games, such as Aviator. Read more about that on SpinFever.

Buy virtual items

Many games allow you to buy items that can be used throughout the game. You can buy skins for your characters, new weapons, armor, clothes, or virtual pets.

The main difference between this type of spending money and purchasing premium content is that you won’t have an advantage over your opponents. You will only visually change the appearance of your character or buy new content.

Final words

As you can see, there are various ways you can use real money when playing games. But beware, you need to be responsible when spending money. If not, you can spend too much.

That is why, before you purchase anything (or place the bet) is a good idea to create a personal budget. With it, you will know how much money you have to spend on a certain activity.

Responsible spending is the key and will make your gaming experience better.