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Mango Cookie Guide and Everything You Must Know

Mango cookie is one of the newest cookies from the Soda Island Update. It’s is an epic and magic type of Cookie capable in both PvE and PVP.

In this article, let me show you some information about the Mango Cookie, like its skills, effects, toppings, and how to get the mango Cookie.

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Mango Cookie Story

mango cookie story

Game Description: “The sun glistens above the serene palm trees of the Tropical Soda Archipelago. Once you arrive, Mango Cookie will give you a cheerful, earthy welcome making you feel right at home! Mango Cookie is pure-spirited and tenderhearted, with ripe mangoes mixed straight into the dough. Whether traveling along the emerald coasts or exploring the island with his canoe, Mango Cookie enjoys life to the fullest. When the sun reaches its peak, sometimes he’ll hang up his hammock underneath the shade of the palm trees and take a relaxing snap. When Cookies visit the archipelago, Mango Cookie can’t help becoming a hyper chatterbox. Mangoes will ripen when he runs out of stories to tell!”

Skill And Effect

Mango Juice Wave (Skill Name)

Skill Description

Sends a wave of tropical mango juice forwards, inflicting damage to enemies. The fresh, sweet waves also increase the ATK of allies in a short time.

Skill Effect

  • 15 sec based on cooldown
  • Single Hit DMG: 75.7% (+0.9-1% DMG per level)
  • +10.0% ATK for 7.0 sec

The skill of this cookie was very simple; it produced a wave of mango juice that repeatedly struck all the enemies on the battlefield. Those waves do not have a stunning effect on enemies but have an effect like some normal waves that interrupt the movement of their enemies. When the enemies are affected by waves, allied cookies can freely deal some damage to them.

Mango is a magic type of cookie-like Espresso cookie. But we can see the difference between the damage of the two based on their base damage. Espresso Cookie and Mango Cookie have both AOE skills, which is why the two have almost the same role in a squad.

What makes Mango different from Espresso is the buff that his skill has. Aside from the damage of the mango juice wave, it also increases the ATK of its whole squad by 10.0%. Its crowd control effects plus damage and the ATK buff of this cookie may play a huge role in a team from PVE or even PVP.

Best Toppings

For the toppings, there are two kinds of toppings that most players recommend the swift chocolate toppings and the searing raspberry.

Full Searing Raspberry

Image Credit: Cookie Run Fandom

Since Mango is a magic type cookie, you can choose to make this cookie as one of your main damage dealers in the game. Although I find this cookie a bit lame in terms of damage compared to some magic cookies like Espresso, which is why some players recommend using full searing raspberry topping to amplify its damage.

Swift Chocolate Full

Image Credit: Cookie run fandom

This cookie has some crowd control ability, an effect of its skill mango juice wave. Every enemy’s cookie will get affected by the waves they produce from its skills, making them unable to move for a very short time.

Swift Chocolate toppings will decrease its skill cooldown immensely, giving you more time to use its skill repeatedly and restrain the enemy’s movement during a PVP fight or even PVE.

A Mix Of Searing Raspberry And Swift Chocolate

Although this topping will the additional effect of using the full topping, it is also worth trying. We know that Mango skill damage and ATK buff to allies are useful in a PVE or PVP scenario, so why not use a mix of topping from searing raspberry and swift chocolate? It will give mango some damage boost and decrease its skill cooldown, which can make this cookie a good damage dealer and a great support by increasing its ally attack power simultaneously.


Mango cookies can be obtained through gatcha. Like other cookies, you will need to spend some crystal to get one, and since Mango is an epic cookie, it will be much harder than normal or rare cookies. If you’re lucky enough, you get Mango in just one click of ten times draw, which is about 3000 crystals.

One drawing might cost you about 300 crystals, but I don’t recommend it. Always use ten times to draw in a gatcha to get a better chance. If you’re not that lucky in gatcha, you might spend about 36000+ just to get a 100% chance of getting the Mango cookie.


Like some other cookies, you can also obtain Mango Cookie by collecting its soulstone. You will need to collect about twenty soulstone from summoning your first Mango Cookie. If you are new to this game and are still unaware of how to collect soulstone in this game, I will give you some ideas to get some.

Mileage Shop

obtained cookie through milliage shop

Remember I’ve mentioned that if you’re unlucky enough in gatcha, you will spend about 36000+ crystal to get a mango cookie? To get the mango, you will need to collect about twenty soulstone, and one soulstone costs 100 Mileage Points. You will need at least 2000 Mileage points to complete its soulstone. To get 2000 Mileage points, you will need to spend about 36000+ of crystal.

World Exploration

world exploration cookie run kingdoms

You can also get Mango cookie Soulstone by doing a world exploration. You will need to complete the dark mode in world exploration stages 12-12 and 13-27.

Although even completing the recommended stages in world exploration is not guaranteed to get one soulstone, it can also be acquired by chance.